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Latest Issues of VOLO Nude Art Photography Magazine - PDF Downloads

creative art issue

VOLO Magazine 59

The creative art issue is always very close to my heart because it is a versatile issue with a wide range of photographic skills, all out of the ordinary, amalgamating together on the pages of VOLO.

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Nature Issue

VOLO Magazine 58

I am personally proud of ‘The 2018 Nude in Nature Issue’. Every set has been handpicked and selected among literally hundreds submitted to us for review. To all those photographers who did not make it into the issue…

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The 2018 Fashion & Glam issue

VOLO Magazine 57

2018 ushers in a new chapter for VOLO. Starting this year VOLO magazine changes it’s publishing a calendar to 6 issues each year. These 6 issues will represent a collection of the very best in nude photography from the world of VOLO for their particular theme.

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VOLO 59 | Sara-Moana in ‘In Tahiti’ by Svphotograph

“Sara-Moana is a French Model born in Tahiti and involved in Polynesian culture. She is a hobbyist model and autodidact photographer. Also, she is a traditional Polynesian dancer, and she did ballets for few years which gives her a presence and an elegance grace.”

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Henry Driftwood

Shasta Wonder in ‘Rooftop Cage’ by Henry Driftwood

“As with any job, you have bad and good days and in the end, you stay because you either need the job or love your job. I model and still model because I love it and decided to make a living out of it. I love making art, photography and meeting different people with all sort visions. it always my pleasure if I can help in making their vision come to life.”

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Kristy Jessica

‘Rebel without a Stitch’ by Rakesh Malik ft. Kristy Jessica

“When I was 5, I dreamed of being an artist when I grew up. My conservative parents said that career choice would not likely pay the bills. Painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing, and poetry remained hobbies for me. From age 16-24 I dabbled in the W-2 life via the restaurant industry, with that came a heavy emphasis on a partying.”

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