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“My friend Lauren who is also known as Ada Rain decided to be my guide and took me on a journey on the mountains of North Carolina. In that quest we were able to create the beautiful images that you see today.”

Francisco Vazquez

Nude Model Gallery Preview

My friend Lauren Burke who is also known as Ada Rain decided to be my guide and took me on a journey on the mountains of North Carolina.

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Lauren Burke

Model Profile

Lauren Burke, also known as the model “Ada Rain” resides in Asheville, South Carolina where she practices massage therapy. A woman who is in love with sharing loving vibes to every person that she meets. Because in her eyes, everyone is a person that deserves love and respect. There’s a great passion in her work of therapy and towards her art.

With modeling, she can express herself telling stories through the poses of the photographic images. Sharing her story of her artistic passion for the world to see. Ever make a visit to Asheville just let Lauren known and she can take you around to an exciting adventure.

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Francisco Vazquez

Photographer Profile

Francisco Vazquez is an American photographer born in 1988 Frankfurt, Germany to Puerto Rican parents. He acquired his passion for photography while attending the university of SCAD in 2010. Ever since he has picked up the camera, he has never let it go. Shooting everything that intrigues and fascinates him. Photography in his eyes is another form of storytelling.

With this idea of stories being told through images makes this art medium thrilling for Francisco. After graduating SCAD with a degree in Film & Television in 2013. Francisco moved to Atlanta, GA to have a career as a photographer. Living in the city of Atlanta there has been many inspirations on every corner. So many untold stories that need to be told. An opportunity to create more photographic art with an abounding cast of talented artists. The passion of models, make up artists and photographers has driven Francisco to keep moving with his work and find new ways to tell a story through his imagery.

“Every year is a new journey for me. I’m always finding inspiration through life experience and the passion of artists. I feel that my work can always be better, so I find new ways to improve on it. As the years go by I hope I will grow more as a photographer and as an artist. Hopefully, people will be inspired by my work as I am with the artists that I look up to.”

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