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“Manny has worked with Alexia a few times before, and she told him that she has never had a beach shoot or been submitted to a nude magazine. So they decided to give it a go.”

Manny Zervos

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Model Profile

“I am Alexia, I am a bubbly passionate Aussie girl of South American/European background. I enjoy learning, broadening my experience & growing as much as I can within my passion in modeling.

My hobbies are traveling, shopping, heading to the beach and going out for dinners, along with a cheeky wine or two of course!

I most enjoy listening to music, dancing and making mesmerizing moments with friends and family to look back on for the future! Wild, untamed & free spirited soul.”


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Manny Zervos

Photographer Profile

“My name is Manny Zervos. I bought my first DSLR camera in 2008. I’m am fully self-taught in all aspects of my work. I have been passionate about shooting gorgeous girls in natural settings ever since I was on a trip to Greece and had the opportunity to shoot an amazing Ukranian girl nude that produced my signature image that is now my logo. Since then have been shooting all genres from fashion glamor editorial as well as nudes.

I’m excited about the prospect of displaying my work on a fantastic platform that Volo offers and look forward to submitting much more of my work for publication to their wonderful magazine.”

Manny Zervos

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This person does not work for us!! Many photographers and models have been contacted by him regarding casting, submission, etc…Please don’t fall for this scam.

Our authorized submission link is https://www.volomagazine.com/submit/
If you receive any suspicious message, send us a dm @volomag and we’ll check it out for you.

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