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“The ocean is the ultimate representation of both freedom and power and served as the perfect background to express Alexis’s wild spirited life. It was our intent to capture the beauty and spirit of the human body within this wild and unconstrained environment.”

Perry Julien

It was Perry Julien's intent to capture the beauty and spirit of the Alexis Storm within this wild and unconstrained environment.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Alexis Storm

Model Profile

Her passion for art runs almost as deep as her love for the ocean. Model, Yogi, Acrobat, writer, computer nerd, and seasoned hyphenate of the visual arts, Alexis lives for uplifting experiences – no compromises made. Jumping fences, chasing sunsets, cracking coconuts and laughing loud are just a few of the things that make her smile.

She draws her life force from paddling for small waves in the Maui waters, listening to the sound of the ocean against her board and breathing in the smell of the salt water mist; known in Hawaiian as “Ehu Kai” – another reason to smile.

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Perry Julien

Photographer Profile

In his past life, Perry Julien was an alpine ski racer, mountaineer, surfer, and yogi. He also had a camera in his hands since age 4, a byproduct of having a father who was a professional photographer. A ski racing accident in 2006 created the opportunity for Julien to channel his energy and adventure lifestyle back into his photography.

Nationally known for his live music photography, Julien is equally passionate about capturing moments of real life in epic locations such as Hawaii, New York City, California, South America and India.

As an artist he is drawn to the spontaneity and immediacy of the photographic image; his inspiration coming from the interaction between his subjects, the passion and energy they project and the surroundings he photographs in.

His work has been described as “photographs that tell a story, yet leave the viewer with unanswered questions and wanting to know more.”

Perry Julien continues to travel extensively, seeking inspiration from places and subjects that blend the boundaries between reality and fantasy, allowing him to be both an observer and a participant in creating spontaneous and provocative images.

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