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““River Siren” was shot on an early spring evening, near the banks of the river Dnipropetrovsk in Dnipro, Ukraine. At its core the entire shoot was planned as a dark, seductive and vintage photo-essay of mild exhibitionism, forbidden love, sexual tension and release.”

Rutam Rane

“River Siren” was shot by Rutam Rane on an early spring evening, near the banks of the river Dnipropetrovsk in Dnipro, Ukraine.
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Model Profile

Alisa is a model from Ukraine who’s traveled all over the world while collaborating with talented photographers from every continent. She has embraced the philosophies of naturism and free sexuality in her repertoire and continues to fearlessly challenge artistic norms in these regards.

She has also had the opportunity to work with more traditional artistic nude publications like Playboy Ukraine. A photographer herself, she loves traveling, enjoys tropical delicacies, sparring (MuayThai), keeping herself fit and on occasion – free – diving in the Indian Ocean in her spare time.

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Rutam Rane

Photographer Profile

Rutam’s work can be described as being aesthetically normative with a subtle rebellious twist. Working with fresh-faces under unconventional light and styling setups, he’s been successful in bringing a unique perspective to conventional fashion and glamour photography.

Rutam Rane plays the part of a white collared brand manager, spreadsheet enthusiast and sales strategist during the day and slips into bouts of camera-addiction at night. Based in both Mumbai, India and Dnipro, Ukraine, he’s had the good fortune of shooting a wide variety of interesting models of various artistic leanings against colourful, odd and arcane vistas.

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