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This set was shot at Alisha’s place. It was a perfect sunny day on the Gold Coast, and the light was reflecting into the sauna just right. I wanted it to feel a little voyeuristic, capturing a moment of her sauna time.”
Manny Zervos

Nude Model Gallery Preview

It was a perfect sunny day on the Gold Coast, and the light was reflecting into the sauna just right. Manny Zervos wanted it to feel a little voyeuristic.

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Alisha Love

Model Profile

“My name is Alisha Love.

I am a young entrepreneur, to say the least. I have come from nothing and made a life for my- self that I’ve always wanted and have accomplished dreams unfathomable to your every day person. I was heavily bullied my whole childhood and early adolescent, and I survived by becoming self-aware and taught myself how to love my individuality and weird uniqueness. Through doing this, no one could ever hurt me again.

I was the cover model for VOLO Magazine Issue 24 shot by the Australian great Cam Attree.

Every day I strive to embrace everyone and everything for its beautiful uniqueness and hope to inspire others through my social media pictures and rambles to do the same.”

Alisha Love

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Manny Zervos

Photographer Profile

“My name is Manny Zervos. I bought my first DSLR camera in 2008. I’m am fully self taught in all aspects of my work.

I have been passionate about shooting gorgeous girls in natural settings ever since I was on a trip to Greece and had the opportunity to shoot an amazing Ukranian girl nude that produced my signature image that is now my logo. Since then have been shooting all genres from fashion glamour editorial as well as nudes.

I’m excited with the prospect of displaying my work on an amazing platform that Volo offers and look forward to submitting much more of my work for publication to their wonderful magazine.”

Manny Zervos

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