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“We shot three sets in total, the rawness of this black and white nude set screamed VOLO to us. Nice & simple, but certainly not boring, all about the lights and shadows, poses, the beautiful human form.”

Jon Ovington

Jon Ovington shot three sets in total, the rawness of this black and white nude set screamed VOLO to us with Ama Garatshun.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Ama Garatshun

Model Profile

Ama, born and raised in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia has been freelance modelling since 2010. Being in tune with her body and sense of femininity allowed her to feel most comfortable and fall in love with art nude modelling above other styles.

Years of experience and practice have paid off with 2016 seeing Ama’s portfolio grow exponentially. Working with many prestigious national and international photographers, Ama has been published now twice in VOLO Magazine and had several online features and interviews.

Ama receives consistent praise and high recommendations from those she works with, a common theme complimenting her professionalism paired with a fun and laid back personality and most of all her ability to pose naturally in front of the lens.

Follow Ama Garatshun on Instagram at @amagaratshun

Jon Ovington

Photographer Profile

Jon Ovington is a Western Sydney based photographer and still considers himself quite open to exploring all forms of the art and not submitting to a particular niche.

A self taught photographer with an infatuation for art from a very young age, as a child Jon expressed himself through drawing. Along with his other passion for technology he was led to photography with the introduction of modern day ‘Digital Photography’ in the mid-90’s. What begun as a passionate hobby, quickly became much more.

Jon finds himself today shooting with a number of ongoing commercial clients covering events, product photography and head shots, as well as Portraits of all sorts. The range is quite diverse however recent private projects would suggest a strong passion for Glamour and Art Nude.

See more Of Jon Ovington’s work and follow him on his Instagram Account at @jonovington

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