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“Beautiful waterfall in Italy during a sunny day with the amazing Arianna Clerici. It was the first time that we collaborate together but it was very easy to work with her. When we watch the results on the camera we have the idea to create something different and we choose to make some colour test in the background. In the end, we decide to use the pink nature.”

Riccardo Bilinea

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Arianna Clerici

Model Profile

Arianna Clerici was born in 1987, she started to pose in 2009 for fun.

She does many things in life, studying at university, doing sports, founding a little brand of clothes but posing was her real passion. Within a few years, he begins to travel to Italy and abroad, reaching gratifying and unexpected results, such as publicity campaigns and a publication in Playboy Poland.

Find her on Facebook Arianna

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Riccardo Bilinea

Photographer Profile

Driven by curiosity in 2011 he obtained at the Polytechnic of Milan a Master’s Degree in Product Design while attending the studio of the artist Nino Mustica. From 2012 he works as a Graphic Designer in event and communication agency in Milan while continue a follow constant research in photography.

Find him on Facebbok Riccardo Bilinea

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall



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