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“Chiara, a great international model contact me in order to work with me . She was in Paris so i rent a nice hotel room dedicated to Marilyn Monroe… I was impressed by her, she is so professional and sensual!”

Celine Andrea

Chiara Bianchino was in Paris so Celine Andrea rented a nice hotel room dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. She was impressed by her professionalism.
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Model Profile

“My name is Chiara Bianchino, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Rome, Italy.

I graduated in Film Studies (Cinema and Television) and I’m a model since 2 years for one to one photoshoots, photographic events, workshops, editorials, fashion events, fashion shows; I’m also an actress, hostess and promoter.

My photographic genres are: portrait, beauty, fashion, lingerie and boudoir, fetish, nude art and fine art.

I love modeling beacuse for me it’s the best way to express my emotions and my feelings and beacuse it allows me to travel around the world and to know so many interesting people.”


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Celine Andrea

Photographer Profile

Celine Andrea is a young Parisian photographer, model nude and lingerie for ten years, she passed on the other side of the camera 5 years ago.

Quickly, she photographed nude, her favorite subject. She walks a lot with instinct, preferring spontaneous and natural pose, absorbing ambience, lines, playing with light to better sculpt bodies. Between sensual poses, erotic, even provocative, the rendering is intense and powerful.

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