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“I love special light effects and reflections and to give this series an interesting look, especially in the bathroom. In the beginning she is in her living room after having a sexy shower beautiful black and white wet look.”

Flo Kresse

The concept was to follow the Bionda S. in her private atmosphere for an afternoon evening says Flo Kresse who loves special light effects and reflections.
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Bionda S.

Model Profile

When Bionda S. was 13 years old she felt in love with aesthetic photographs and pictures of women and beautiful bodies. She organizied herself some highgloss mags and started to draw and paint her own pictures. The “little-girl dream” was born and one day she wanted to look as beautiful and gorgeous as these pictures.

With the age of 20 she was working in a little cafe to finance her collage and met a photographer who did the first shooting , in the beginning she was sceptical but from this day onwards her career as a model came true.

Today she does Advertising , Fashion, Lingerie up to Nude-Art shootings.

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Flo Kresse Stereocolor Photography

Photographer Profile

Flo Kresse is Stereocolor Photography and stereocolor describes somehow his background and roots. He was born in Germany in the 70ies . He started his career as an audio engineer touring around the world with international artists.

During that time he had always had a passion for photography and loved to capture special moments and atmospheres on tour. In 2005 Flo started to work as a professional photographer, doing jobs for record labels, magazines and shooting ad campaigns. On the one hand he is interested in subcultures like skateboarding, BMX and the rockandroll world, on the other hand he is very into shooting beautiful women.

He taught himself the technical aspects of composing, capturing and editing photographs and acquired most of his expertise through self-studies.
Shooting people and especially woman has always been his thing. Flo captures every day moments and likes available light but also works with his own cinematic light setup.

Stereocolor Photography is all about these short special moments in everyday life .

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