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“This set belongs in Volo because it captures the woman’s sensuality and showcases her desire. Everyone has times in their lives when they feel sexy and empowered while waiting for the object of their desire to arrive.”

Rob Gray

The concept behind this Volo set is about a Violet who is home alone, but waiting for her man to arrive. This set belongs in Volo.
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Model Profile

“Hello! My name is Violet and I currently reside in San Diego, CA. I grew up here until I was twelve and the relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest – the first move in my many adventures along the entire West Coast. I was quite the little nomad! I lived my adolescent years in a quaint little town outside of Vancouver, WA until I was a sophomore in high school.

The rain and gloom really got to me, being so out of my warm and sunny environment, so I decided to finish my year back in Southern California. Once the year ended, I went back to Washington, finished school, and moved to Seattle for a year and a half. My heart began aching for the sun and my family back in SoCal, so I gravitated back down the coast again. I moved to Portland, OR, which is still my favorite city. This is where my modeling career took off. I am proud of my accomplishments thus far.

I have been in a music video, shot with many awesome photographers, and finally moved to L.A. to pursue acting. I have always had a transient nature. I was never tied down to one place for too long. There’s just so much to see and do, and to me, it’s like I’ve lived all these different lives with each one so different and amazing! Eventually, I found my way back to San Diego, and have been attending college in pursuit of finishing my B.A. in Graphic Design.

I enjoy capturing the beauty of abandoned and forgotten places and objects, photo-manipulation, and using editing software. I am also the epitome of a bookworm so if my face isn’t buried in a book, I’m watching one of my favorite films. I have a Bengal cat named Mogli, and a ball python named Monty. I cherish both very deeply.

I will continue modeling as this incredible adventure continues and I am very excited for the relationships I will build along the way. That’s all folks!”


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Rob Gray

Photographer Profile

“I was born and raised in a small town in Upstate, NY. I went to college and earned a Masters degree in Education. I taught high school for 12 years (including photography courses). I moved to Southern California in 2012 and earned another Masters degree in Management. It is my goal to open my own photography studios throughout the U.S.

I love photography because no matter what happens in life, the moments captured with my camera, last forever. I find that most people who are being photographed, enjoy seeing themselves through the photos. It gives them a different perspective on themselves and often boosts self-confidence.

Volo is my favorite magazine because it allows artists to come together to create the kind of art that makes you want to look at the photos over and over. It is a celebration of the human body and the beauty of living with what you have.

Being a photographer allows me to share in the most intimate of moments with models. It lets me in on how they feel on the inside and I enjoy helping them express that through their facial and body expressions. Being a photographer gives me the personal satisfaction of helping others accomplish their goals, while at the same time, accomplishing my own. There is nothing I would rather do!”

Rob Gray

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