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Bongeline Mulumba

Model Profile

She is Bongeline Mulumba a 28 year old Swedish glamour model who has been modeling for a number of years. Bongeline is originally from Congo and now lives in Stockholm where she works as a hairdresser. Bongeline is a wild soul who loves to travel, dance, and are always ready to try crazy ideas — at least in front of a camera.

Follow Bongeline Mulumba on Instagram at @bongeline

Thomas Holm

Photographer Profile

Thomas Holm is a former advertising photographer who now mainly pursue more artistic images and in particular artistic nudes. After many years shooting international campaigns for larger brands often with a large team, the focus now is on smaller intimate shoots without much of an entourage if at all, to better get a peek into the soul of the model.

Thomas has won much acclaim for his timeless end elegant images of nude women. With an uncanny sense of composition, using ambient light and amazing utilization of the locations used, his images become aesthetically pure and natural. They are sensual and sculptural and radiate freedom, sensitivity, thoughtfulness and vulnerability and of course sensuality.

View more Of Thomas Holm’s work and follow him on his Instagram at @thomasholmphoto

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