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“We needed a place to shoot this set and my friend Millie Mie told us that we could shoot at her place. Immediately when Shawna stepped into her apartment (which is the 2nd story of a farmhouse) she said “this feels so much like my place. I’m right at home here.”
Many thanks to Millie for opening her home to us!”

Vinny Kim

Immediately when Shawna Lee stepped into this apartment she said "this feels so much like my place. Shot by Vinny Kim in a farm house.
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Shawna Lee

Model Profile

“My name is Shawna Lee, I am a freelance model currently out of Pennsylvania.

One of the best aspects of being in this industry, is getting to meet all the talented artists who are out trying to do the same thing I am. It’s extremely refreshing to be around people who you can truly connect with and really
create that bond. I love being able to express different aspects of myself through modeling. Whether it be sexy, dominating, sensual, or just badass, it’s a true form of expression that always keeps me interested.

I am from a very conservative area and family, so nudity has been one of my biggest challenges personally. I believe strongly in challenging your fears and not letting ANYONE stop you. I try to break the stereotypes, and bring a different perception to people who think negatively of nudity. I’ve always
said “If my body offends you, there’s clearly something wrong with the way YOU think not me.” I’m comfortable in my own skin, and plan to express that in any way I feel I need to.

Not only is Vinny one of the best photographers I have worked with, he is also the most down to earth, genuine person. He truly puts everything into his work and I admire that. He’s the definition of inspiration, and I feel that is why I connected so well with him. We are both out trying to make something of our passions. I look forward to growing as a team, and be able to put out some of our best work! I’m excited about the future and all the challenges that come with it.”

Shawna Lee

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Vinny Kim

Photographer Profile

“Hello, I’m Vinny Kim, a fine art photographer based in central Pennsylvania.

I got my start as a traveling nude male model, and after having a son, I decided that I needed to stay closer to home to help raise him. I have found that my background in front of the camera has helped me behind the camera as I photograph models.

Shawna is one of those models who you meet and instantly connect with. I knew when I first met her that I wanted to shoot her for VOLO. As a photographer I really value communication, passion, and humanity…and I am always able to get those things with Shawna.

I am passionate about truth and reality, and I try to infuse my truth and my reality into my photography. I have really appreciated the platform that VOLO magazine has given me to showcase my photography to the world.

Vinny Kim

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