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“Because what surrounds us does not oppress us but encircles us.
Because to be free I need to take it and change perspectives.
Because it is the one containing a form to the content.
Because the cube is not a limit but a means of expression.
Because the cube is around each one of us.
The cube expresses VOLO and Miriam Herrera has perfectly interpreted it.”

Michelangelo Giametta

The cube expresses VOLO and Miriam Herrera has perfectly interpreted it, this set was shot by Michelangelo Giametta in a simple cube.
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Miriam Herrera

Model Profile

Miriam Herrera, in Mimì’s art, was born in Equador in 1994 and moved to Italy at a young age.

From now on she shows an exuberant personality that brings her closer to the world of photography before with portraiture and then with glamor and artistic nude.

Despite its unconventional height, its expressiveness and its very proportional physics allow she to stand out as a minimodel, leading it to have important collaborations with prominent photographers and various magazine publications.

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Michelangelo Giametta

Photographer Profile

Michelangelo M. Giametta was born in Roma (Italia) in 1976, here he works and lives.

Professional photographer started his studies in 2005 and after several years as a minimalist photographer specializes in fashion and portraits.

He participates in many fashion weeks as a photographer and publishes his work in several magazines.

He also collaborates with many designers and agencies in Rome and Italy for editorial and advertisements.

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