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“The story is about that of a young woman, constrained by the strict ideals of the age she has lived in, all her life. Witnessing the blossoming of a new era might give her the rights and personal freedoms she has longed for her entire life.

So one day, when her family is away, and she is left alone and to her own devices, she literally and figuratively strips away the tight confines of her corset, as well as the rules which society has placed upon her, and confidently (if only for a short while) becomes the ruler of her home and her world on her own terms.”

Luc Roderique

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Luc Roderique says "The story is about that of a young woman, constrained by the strict ideals of the age she has lived in, all her life."

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Dane Halo

Model Profile

Canadaโ€™s Dane Halo is an accomplished freelancing model, specializing in artistic nudes since the beginning of her 9-year career. Attending a prestigious high school for the arts as a visual artist in Ontario, Canada, Dane developed her skills in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and graphic design, and grew increasingly fascinated with chiaroscuro – the play of light and shadow – across the human body.

While drawing the nude figure of a model who sat in the center of her high school classroom, amongst her peers, Dane decided that she would one day want to see how other artists perceived the shadows across her own figure. Mere months following her 18th birthday, she began modelling for local classes. Soon thereafter, she moved to Toronto to began her full-fledged career. Daneโ€™s fascination with the arts continues, as she is now also a successful photographer, painter, makeup artist and graphic designer.

But what would a career be without goals? Dane has traveled through Asia, Europe and North America, but hopes to model on every continent by the age of 30. With plans for Australia and Antarctica coming together for 2018, she will be far closer to her goal!

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Luc Roderique

Photographer Profile

Luc grew up in Canadaโ€™s capital; Ottawa, Ontario. He first gained a love and appreciation for photography at a young age from his mother. They would bond and grow closer over a shared love of visual storytelling, while she taught him the ins and outs of loading, shooting, and processing film.

Luc would later leave this love behind for many years to explore other artistic avenues and has spent the majority of his career thus far working as an actor in theatre, film, television, and voice. Recently his love for photography has re-emerged and has quickly become a huge source of artistic excitement and inspiration.

One of the main lessons Luc has gleaned from working across artistic platforms is that story always comes first. And to have the chance to tell the stories of the people and communities around him using the medium of light and color brings him no end of joy. Luc is drawn to the beautiful and the evocative in his work. That which stirs something up in the soul and is not always definable.

He is currently mainly inspired by portraiture, art nudes, and nature photography, diving into these worlds to continue learning and honing his craft; and hopefully to add something unique to the incredible community of artists around him. Luc now resides and works primarily out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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