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“This shoot was inspired by the freedom of the body in nature. After planning and locating the perfect New England location we were able to finally make the vision a reality.

After an hour of drive time and 20-minute hike to the destination on the perfect day the images we were extremely exactly as we picture them to be.”

Bill Crowley

Nude Model Gallery Preview

After planning and locating the perfect New England location Bill and Deirdre were able to finally make the vision a reality.

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Deirdre Marina

Model Profile

Deirdre Marina is a 24-year-old part time model based in the New England area! Deirdre is also a licensed cosmetologist who provides expert hair in skincare around Boston.

This beautician also enjoys music and dancing in her spare time.

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Bill Crowley

Photographer Profile

“My name is Bill Crowley owner of Prize Portraits. Prize Portraits a photography company located in Connecticut that specializes in fine art, fashion, and fitness photography throughout New England and travels internationally on assignment.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and photography has been a passion ever since an early age. I focus on trying to bring out the best in my subjects while incorporating their inspirations into the shoot in a creative fashion. My work has been featured in multiple different publications and galleries over the years. Whenever possible I prefer to shoot on-location as opposed to in studio, to me the landscape adds a multidimensional element that is ever lasting.”

Bill Crowley

View an amazing showcase of the artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall/

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