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“This set is a study in nude and an exploration of its strength and sensuality. It started as a casual collaboration between the model and photographer which depicted Denisa as the strong, beautiful woman she is.”

Kate Lionis

Nude Model Gallery Preview

This set is a study in nude and an exploration of its strength. It started as a casual collaboration between the Denisa Strakova and photographer.

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Denisa Strakova

Model Profile

Denisa Strakova is a model who specializes in nude modeling from the Czech Republic. Denisa has just completed a tour of the Australasian region where this series was taken.

Follow her on Instagram @denisastrakovaofficial

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Kate Lionis

Photographer Profile

Kate Lionis is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

“I began doing portraiture photography in 2014. It started with an interest in taking portraits, and I quickly branched out to editorial photography, as telling the story is as exciting to me as the technical aspect of photography.

The original idea might be an item of clothing, a photo, a photographers process, a location. The list goes on! After reaching out and putting a team together, the team looks at the idea to create a vision, and an essential part of the process is to give the other members input into how they envisage the shoot.

It is crucial that each member of the team contributes their vision to the idea, and I genuinely believe that it allows the final product to be more than “the sum of its parts.” I love to depict all of my subjects sensually and robustly. To showcase their vulnerability, while not removing their dignity. I like my subjects to grow into their role and have them allow themselves give me their sensuality, which, I hope, I capture.”

Follow her on Instagram @katelionis

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall




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