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“This was the first time I met Desiree and after a nice conversation she totally trusted me and we started with this first set. Why should this set be published in Volo? Of course, Desiree has a fantastic body and really nice boobs and the series is pure art – very minimalism and a lot of green and yellow tones – so we are VOLO!”

Andreas Bübl

Nude Model Gallery Preview

This was the first time I met Desiree Michel and after a nice conversation she totaly trusted me and we started with this first set.

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Desiree Michel

Model Profile

“Hello VOLO Readers.

My Name is Desiree Michel (23y.) I was born and raised in the beautiful metropolis of Vienna. I work as an electrician, and I am a part-time actress & model.

My career as a model started at the age of eighteen. I fell in love with standing in front of the camera because for me it means to combine fun and creativity.

If you are looking for an energetic and expressive woman that lives for pushing herself to the limits. I am the one.”

Desiree Michel

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Andreas Bübl

Photographer Profile

Andreas Bübl is an Austrian photographer and artist who was born in Vienna. His passion for photography goes back to his childhood where he first started to engage in the field. He acquired most of his expertise through self-studies and later on specialized on the photography of people.

By taking the time to get to know the person who chooses him as their photographer, he ensures a better understanding of the shootings purpose to guarantee the best possible outcome for each customer. Throughout the years he developed his unique style which he describes as emotional, honest and sentimental. He is nationally and internationally known for his conceptional and sentimental works.

In addition to the Austrian National Champion title for Photography 2013, he was awarded the golden medal in the Trierenberg Super Circuit within the category “Emotions-Human Relations” in 2012 and won the silver medal in “Images Experimental” the subsequent year.

He also holds regular workshops for photographers to handover his knowledge and to teach his unique style and his approach to photography. Two times a year he also instructs masterclasses, where he always invites different international photographers as a second lecturer.

His artistic work has been published internationally in various art magazines, exhibitions, and books.

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at http://www.andreasbuebl.comhttps://www.volonetwork.com/wall



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