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“The notion that species can revert into more primitive forms. The beauty of washing away your humanity to become a vulnerable, delicate and pure creature in a harsh world. This was the basis for this piece.”

George Dimitrov

The beauty of washing away your humanity to become a vulnerable, delicate and pure creature in a harsh world. The basis for this piece by George Dimitrov.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries


Model Profile

Featured model Samantha, age 25, collaborates with like minded fine art photographers to create pieces which not only place the female body on the highest pedestal of beauty and acceptance, but which present a story or theme of intrigue for the viewer.

Samantha first started modelling in the U.K. in 2009, whilst living in Canterbury. In 2013, on the Isle of Wight, she was scouted for the British Heart Foundation 2014 implied nude calendar which was her starting point for nudes and fine art.

When she moved to Calgary in 2014 she began meeting with local fine art photographers who shared her affinity for creating art which would intrigue audiences and explore the beauty of the female form without over sexualizing it or making it meretricious.

This particular set was a collaboration with George Dimitrov. It was created with a sense of stripping or washing away outer layers of sexuality to find a deeper, more natural animalistic desire.



George Dimitrov

Photographer Profile

George is a traveler, explorer, always looking for new experiences. He likes to take beautiful, sexy, and provocative pictures while always respecting the person being photographed.

He approaches his photographs from a point of view where the model is put on a pedestal, never from a place of objectification.

He approaches each shoot with a as a new beginning vs trying to use some formulaic approach. His goal for every shoot is to create an atmosphere where the model is comfortable to let herself go and express herself fully without reservation.


View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/profile/horgeh

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