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“No pun intended, but I need to justify that I have another approach and it is on purpose, not just random captures.”

Benny Rytter

Benny Rytter's concept on this submission is to show the different possibilities when working with Elle Beth and Lily May. They prepared several scenes.
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Elle Beth & Lily May

Model Profile

Elle Beth Have been modelling for 7 seven years both in the UK and Internationally and have lots of experience in fashion through to nude beginning her career in fashion and slowly have moved in to lot of nude modelling as she Love being creative and having the freedom of expression.

She have studied art all through school and university and she is not too bad at it either. But she enjoy the freedom of being the subject, to be given other peoples ideas and make them come to life.

The more creative and abstract the better. She like both the beautiful and the ugly. She enjoy the traveling visiting new places and meeting interesting people

Follow Elle Beth on Instagram at @ellebethmodel

Lily May’s passion is modelling, whether it be portraiture, beauty, fashion, lingerie and artistic nude photography she love being a part of creating fantastic images.

There is something so satisfying about being happy with the outcome of a shoot and she is eager to work with more people of equal enthusiasm.

Follow Lily May on Instagram at @lilymay_model

Benny Rytter

Photographer Profile

Hello Volo!,

I am Benny Rytter, I have been photographing since 2006, and living as a freelance photographer since 2008.

I have always wanted to shoot women in a nudeart style and hopefully evolve to make something original ranging from the subtle to the edge of erotic like good old Helmuth.

However, I did not want to make one single female nudeart photo until I had some kind of idea og what I wanted to do. Even though I like watching the page 3 girl, I want to portrait the female in another way. I want to work with different scenarios and feelings, and I want to be able to develop images together with the models that could potentially do as display and last for a long time.

In 2013 I started participating in international contests and watching images from Trevor and Faye Yerbury, Tim Pile and photographers from that genre, showed me the path. I had my first nude session in spring 2015, and I’m totally amazed how versatile and rewarding this genre of photography is.

I have even rebuild my barn, my studie and are now having workshops and 1-2-1 sessions for other photographers.

I am not very good at repetitive patterns, simply get bored, even though I have 10 good images from the same scene I don’t want them to look alike, I find it utterly boring, even though I know it is easier to get things published if there is a visual similarity to the images.

This is why my submission consists of two different models I have worked with recently. I want to show the skills, stamina and versatility of these great women I am now happy to know, and would love to works with again in 2017.

Benny Rytter


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