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“I think the Dorothy Black is a very beautiful model, this is my favourite set in the moment, that’s why I’m happy to share it with you through VOLO.”

Adrienn Banko

Adrienn Banko thinks Dorothy Banks is very beautiful, this is his favorite set in the moment, that's why he shared it with you through VOLO.
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Dorothy Black

Model Profile

MESZAROS DORA alias DOROTHY BLACK: Hungarian Showgirl, 2X Playboy Covergirl, Nude model, Adult Film Star, Nude Weather Girl….
and RockDj Dora Butcher.

“I was born on Budapest, Hungary. I attended to a music primary school, than to a high school. I studied the violin for 7 years, played in a children’s symponic orchestra too. After high shool, I carried out an interior design school. Then I attended to Eszterházy Károly Teacher Training College, I was graduated in Library Informatics in 2002.

I had my first erotic jobs during my College years, worked on webcam sites and in adult movies too. I had only a few scenes with boys, you can’t find anything like that from me after that, I work with girls only since than. I work with the most famous names, like Marc Dorcel, Viv Thomas, Daring, DDF Production etc.

I appeared first on the Hungarian Playboy’s Title-page in 2002. I had lots of invitations since than from famous hungarian and foreign Magazines like Hustler, CKM, Maxim, etc. I promoted numerous companies, and I often can be found in mainstream media also. At the moment I’m a host at a topless weather forcast show at channel PRO4.

Since 2001, I do striptease shows in Hungary and in foreign clubs and erotic expos.

I love rock music, so a for a couple of years now I study to be a dj. As “RockDj Dora Butcher I’m playing strictly rock and metal music.

Animal welfare is all-important to me, I often sponsor animal shelters, and participate in anti-fur campaigns.

And as you always interested in my personal life, a few words about me:

what I like: gnocchi, pumpkin dish, kitchen, coffee, chicken vindaloo, sleep, rockn’roll \m/ metaaaalcore, jeans, shoes and clothing in all quantities, starry night, Interview with the Vampire, grass, trees, flowers, Tim Burton, Weeds, Nip/Tuck, Chuck & Blair, GameOfThrones,Breaking Bad, my laptop, my garden, terrace, Villon, Pilinszky, Radnóti, Gone with the Wind, Oscar, cats, granny’s chair, fun-fair, old things, humanity, trustworthiness, honesty, honor among thieves, loyalty.

what I dislike: fair weather friends, hazing people, fusspot, doormats, liars, wicked, conceited men, thick gold chains, poseur dicks, treacherous men, willfuckeveryone guys, Yuppies, Managers, mlm agents, trendy clubs, verystupidpeople-wiseguys, richguychasingpussies, richgirlchasingdicks, cold, wind, getting up early, broccoli Brussels sprouts sodiscusting cauliflower …, spiders, beetles …”

Dorothy Black

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Adrienn Banko

Photographer Profile

“I’m Adrienn Banko, a photographer from Budapest, Hungary. I`ve been in love with pictures ever since I can remember. Though, it was a long way to discover that photography was the perfect job for me.

When I bought my first digital camera I made everyday hundreds of pictures of basically everything. I really enjoyed it, so I simply just wanted to learn everything about it. I bought my first DSLR camera around the age 20, after that everything started. At first I shot nature and landscapes. I never thought about shooting pictures of people. Everyone told me I was good at it and no one understood why I didn’t pay interests in photographing people. So I thought I give it a try. That’s when my real love began.

In the beginning I took a photography course, but I didn’t feel it gave me enough spirit, so I started to learn from a famous Hungarian photographer. I wasn’t sure about what I really want to do with all this, but somehow I started to fall in love with fashion and glamour photography.

I’ve been searching for the best fashion and glamour photographers’ pictures and been analyzing them for hours. So many of those are truly magical to me. My favorites are Mario Testino, David Bellemere, Annie Leibovitz and Ellen Von Unwerth.

Now I realize that is the way I wanna go. I’m happy to share some work from a glamour editorial my team and I made in February 2017.”

Adrienn Banko

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