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“This is a sensual set where the model is playful between the light and shadows to make these images alluring at Sunset in Sin City (Las Vegas).”

Gustavo Fotoarte

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Gustavo Fotoarte says "This is a sensual set where the model is playful between the light and shadows to make these images alluring at Sunset in Sin City"

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Eclipse Monday

Model Profile

“The spark for my modeling to go full time began in the mountains of Colorado Springs, CO. After Dabbling with glamour, High fashion, runway, and even pin-up for three years, it finally helped me realize that fine art was where I wanted to base. The next month I moved back to my hometown in Colorado, and the plans for my Freelance modeling travel plans started to make way. I have been touring the US; for two years in Aug. 2017 (resulting in multiple publications), wandering around naked making art through landmarks and nature all over.

My modeling tour to Las Vegas led me to cross paths, and work with the amazing Gustavofotoarte. We were lucky enough to have the perfect moody light engulfing the entire room. Both agreeing on the stairs were where we needed to be; Gustavofotoarte let me get into my zone. The next thing we started to click away; not knowing if the light will continue to stay or not. We rushed against time and created this set, so enjoy.”

Eclipse Monday

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Gustavo Fotoarte

Photographer Profile

“Photography is my passion. Although I’m a published photographer, this is my hobby. I started photographing landscapes, then my friends (I have very patient friends). I started shooting with a 35mm SLR and even learned to develop film in a dark room (using creative ways of ‘burning’ the image with light for special effects). As part of a photography class in LA, I started learning studio lighting and shooting with models. However, it wasn’t until I moved to Seattle when I joined a studio Meet Up and I started shooting professional travel models on a regular basis.

My favorite photo shoots take place in the outdoors, I love natural light. However, this set took place indoors. The place we chose in Las Vegas had large windows which allowed the sunset light to brighten up the location. Besides, the natural light reflecting through the glass of the stairway created fascinating shades which Eclipse Monday (the model) playfully used. I love the contrast of the images the model gave me. Eclipse, an indeed art nude model, gave me different poses. A contradiction of art and sensuality within an alluring tone created by the natural light of the sunset.

This set represents the images that I like to capture: a professional art model who is fun and friendly, natural light that allows me to play with the mood of the image and overall sensuality. Since photography is my passion, I want to take photos of people that are willing to teach me and that are fun.”

Gustavo Fotoarte

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View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at https://www.volonetwork.com/wall



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