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“I think the photo should be live and tell about people, how they live and feel.”

Alex Talyuka

Alex Talyuka shot this set at Estetsvenno and artificial light in a beautiful studio obscura. The model was Ekaterina Volikova - Moscow nude model.


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Ekaterina Volikova

Model Profile

Ekaterina, a nude and fashion model from Moscow. Very responsible and sensitive person with whom a pleasure to work on shooting. It has plenty of natural plastic and is very lively and in-depth look. With such a model, you always want to take again and again.

Alex Talyuka

Photographer Profile

Talyuka Alexander (Alex Talyuka) – nude and fashion photographer, retoucher, the teacher photographs. Engaged in photography for more than 7 years, he has an art education. Born and raised in Siberia, 4 years ago, he moved to Moscow. It removes mostly nude, portrait and fashion photography.

“I like to learn through photography aesthetics and plastic female body to show feelings and emotions of the person in the frame.”

Alex Talyuka

 You can follow him on Instagram at @talyuka_alex

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