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“Eleonor Frostegård is a model as well as a designer. All styling in the images is made by her! She also has interest in making sculptures, collages, jewellery, paintings etc.”

Alexandra Svensson

Alexandra Svensson with Eleonor Frostegard of Malmo, started photography from waterdrops on an apple to fine art nude photography.

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Eleonor Frostegard

Model Profile

Eleonor Frostegård is a model and designer. All styling in the images is made by her!

She´s from Malmö and her interest are making sculp tures, collages, jewelry , paintings etc.


Alexandra Svensson

Photographer Profile

“From mobilephone to my dearest Canon. From water drops on an apple to fine art nude photography. I’m a dreamer and that’s what I try to catch… The magic.

To tell you my alessa in wonderland story, showing what gets me go high on life. Photography is like breathing to me.”

Alexandra Svensson

View an Amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volodaily.com/profile/alessaawonderland

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