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“This set shoot in Black and White set with ocean background and surrounded by rocky sculptures with a beautiful model Emily Beardmore. “

Hamish Croker

Black and White set with ocean background and sorrounded by rocky sculptures shot by Hamish Croker featuring Emily Beardmore.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Emily Beardmore

Model Profile

Emily is a young freelance model hailing from Brisbane, Australia. She’s currently undertaking her second year of university, studying drama and film production.

She hopes to pursue acting once she graduates, and eventually make it on stage in London’s West End. Emily teamed up with the photographer; Hamish, and makeup artist; Fiona, to create an exciting story through this series of nude art photographs that embodies empowerment and appreciation for the female body.

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Hamish Croker

Photographer Profile

Hamish Croker is a British-Australian second generation photographer & image-maker at the Gold Coast in Queensland. He is notable for his frequent use of the coastal lifestyle that is synonymous with where he lives and depicts the fun and dynamic aspects that the city is famous for in much of his work. Much of his early life and childhood was spent in the Australian state of Victoria.

Frequently, the subject of photographs during holidays to one of his family’s few holiday houses & as the son of a successful medical and scientific photographer he was exposed to photography at a very young age.

His love for fashion began shortly before his teens visiting family in the inner SouthEastern suburbs of Melbourne and spending days cycling, walking and tramping Chapel Street, Toorak Village, and High Street; famous for their fashion, boutiques & bridal stores.

From there he began reading copies of Vogue, ELLE & Harper’s Bazaar. He attended some of the best schools in Australia including Geelong Grammar School where many of his family and notable people such as HRH Prince Charles have attended and where he learned a good appreciation of art on both an Australian and an International level.

Later in his teens, he began adding men’s magazines such as GQ, Playboy and FHM to his regular reading list and before long he had started to amass a good eye for art, portraiture, fashion & men’s interest.

After graduating from secondary school, Hamish began modeling and acting and then took to working in a local modeling & talent agency doing work in administration. Shortly after he moved into junior management, he was signed with Elite model management and walked the Lord Mayor’s ball and Melbourne fashion week.

By his early 20’s he had begun delving deeper into the history of fashion, portraiture, and art and by his mid 20’s, he had amassed a good visual knowledge of fashion from its early photographic years in the 1930’s editions of Vogue through to the early 21st century.

In 2013 he took to photography to ‘put pen to paper’ and since that time has endeavored to refine his works while keeping abreast of both current and classic trends.

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