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“The inspiration for this set came from an amazing studio location in London near to the iconic Tower Bridge. It had a real New York loft apartment feel and was just crying out for a fearless model to help shape something spectacular.

Maryanna and I actually met via Instagram and we had an instant mutual love of each others work. I loved her posing ability and she loved my use of natural light.

I couldn’t have shot this set with anyone else!”

Mike Row

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About the trip

My name is Maryanna and I’m a 25 years old model and dancer from Hungary, living in the beautiful city of London. I was born into a family of artists so since I was a chile I have been surrounded by art which really inspired me as I grew up.

I knew that I wanted to do something creative and self-expressive as I’m quite an adventurous person doing a regular job just wasn’t meant for me!

Being a dancer made me get into modelling as I discovered how beautifully you can express your feelings and emotions using your body. I’ve always had a lot of creative people around me and that’s how I started to do photo shoots as a hobby and now its my profession and I couldn’t be happier.

Photography is the part of my life now and I love it. Everyday I can be inspired by a song, feeling, location or a pretty piece of underwear:)).

I’m so happy that people appreciate my work and I hope I can keep doing it as long as possible!

If I’m not on shooting or dancing I like to relax and stay in, doing yoga, listening to music having a home spa day and of course cuddle with my cat, I’m a huge cat lover!


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Mike Row

Photographer Profile

“Hi! I’m Mike from London and I work under the name Arrow Photography. People often ask where the name came from and I have to admit I was stuck for something catch and being a bit of a comic geek I was watching the TV series Arrow and it just seemed to fit!

Up until three years ago I hadn’t even picked up a camera seriously, other than holiday snaps and messing around with my iphone. I started out actually as a photo re-toucher and just thought I could do better than the images I was working on!

I am a total natural light freak, not that I don’t know how to use studio lights of course! I can and sometimes do when the occasion calls for it but I just love the flexibility and spontaneity that comes from natural light.

I’m not really sure what I’d say my specialty is? I hope others would say emotion or story telling. I like an image to say something, I like the viewer to have a connection to what I do and to feel like they are in the photo. I don’t know if I achieve that but it’s what I’m aiming for all the time.

I have been working recently also as a videography, making short movies with models has been an eye opening experience and definitely has made me a better photographer as I think I now have a more cinematic eye – is that even a thing?”

Mike Row

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