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“I try to capture the essence of the women I photograph.”

Walter Weiss

Walter Weiss is one of those outdoor photographers who believe in minimal photoshop. This set was shot in a fancy hotel room.

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Walter Weiss

Photographer Profile

Walter Weiss - VOLO Magazine, Nude Art Photographer from Atlanta GeorgiaWalter Weiss is a semi-professional Photographer currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Walt first started dabbling in photography when he was in the United States Air Force and stationed in Diyarbakir, Turkey. His first experience was with black and white film and the local photo hobby shop dark room.

After a career with the Air Force he spent many years as a communications consultant and has traveled extensively. He has now turned to photography, he has always had an eye for beauty as well. He is currently a photographer of nudes, landscape, wildlife, and private events.

“When shooting I pretty much shoot what I want to. It is great when others enjoy my vision and I hope my photos provide pleasure to the viewer. I try to capture the essence of the women I photograph. I especially enjoy shooting nudes with wild animals. I have shot models with lions, tigers, bears, elephants, reindeer, huge snakes and pretty much any animal that I think will pair well with the nude female form. Seeing the soft curves of the model with the strength and beauty of such large beasts provides an exciting contrast.”

Walter Weiss

You can follow him on Instagram at:  @waltweissphoto

Vi Ho

Model Profile

“My name is Vi Ho and I’ve been modeling for over 10 years. It all started when I was contacted by a photographer online asking to take a few photos of me. I said, ‘Why not,’ as I didn’t have anything to lose. When I got in front of the camera, I fell in love with modeling. Since then, I’ve entered into many contests, been contacted to do workshops, and have been published. Despite the fact that I am only 5’3”, I was often employed for ‘Catwalk Fashion Shows’ as well. I have traveled the world moving from Missouri to Colorado to the Virgin Islands and back again. I love what I do.

Vi Ho

Follow her on Instagram at @missviho
Website:  www.missviho.com

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