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Welcome to the VOLODaily.com , VOLOMagazine’s mobile and online magazine portal.

  1. Do the magazines I purchase from VOLODaily.com work on any internet browser?
  2. Which mobile platforms are supported by the new magazines?
  3. How do Subscription Work?
  4. Do I get offline access to the magazines on my mobile device?
  5. What happens to my old purchases from Zinio.com
  6. Will my Zinio.com account information work on VOLODaily.com?
  7. I signed up for an account on VOLODaily.com and it logged me in, but where is my username and password?
  8. My VOLODaily.com account works when I log in to the site, but it does not work when I try to use it to read magazines.
  9. How do I download and access PDF copies of the magazines?
  10. I have tried everything but my username/password does not work
  11. How can I cancel my Subscription?

1) Do the magazines I purchase from VOLODaily.com work on any browser?

VOLODaily.com serves digital copies of VOLO Magazines in PDF and online gallery formats. If you are a Platinum member, you will have access to download PDF copies of every issue of the magazine currently available on the site. All other membership levels can access the magazine galleries in the form of VOLOVAULT.COM galleries from the ‘READ MAGAZINE’ button on the magazine rack. You can also purchase PDF copies of magazines individually without any subscription.

2) Which mobile platforms are supported by the new magazines?

PDF is a format which is supported by almost all mobile platforms.  Also the online gallery format is tested and supported by all major mobile browsers.

3)  How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions are meant for those who want to enjoy VOLO Content Daily and get a major discount on prices while doing that.

  • ‘Subscribers’ are put in a special ROLE on the site which gives them access to the parts of VOLODaily.com that they are paying for.
  • Subscriptions Renew Automatically at the end of the term, the terms available are monthly and yearly.
  • You can Cancel your subscription at any time from the My Account Page.
    • Cancelling a subscription results in immediate termination of access for monthly subscriptions
    • For Yearly subscriptions, termination of access will occur at the end of term. Yearly subscriptions DO NOT automatically renew.
  • If a payment is missed, your subscription status is put on Hold. You can go in to the My Account Page, update your Credit Card Information and click the Retry Button next to your subscription to continue your subscription

4)Do I get offline access to the magazines on my mobile device?

VOLO Magazine guarantees access to  Magazine issues on most commonly used mobile platforms through our online galleries and PDF downloads. You can download personalized PDF copies of the magazine to store on your computer or your mobile device.
On iOS devices you can save the PDF’s in your iBooks Library and open it later from iBooks and read through as a Flipbook Magazine at any time… Offline.

5) What happens to my old purchases from Zinio.com, how do I access them?

Zinio.com is a VOLO Magazine publishing partner. If you have bought past issues of VOLO from Zinio.com, they will still be available to you by logging into your Zinio.com account through most browsers on most Apple, Microsoft or Linux based computers, as long as your browser supports Adobe Flash.

6) Will my Zinio.com account information work on VOLODaily.com

No. VOLODaily.com is not using the Zinio.com newsstand technology to deliver magazines. These two platforms are completely independent, hence there is no way that we can connect them on a synchronous login system. This also means that from Issue 18 and forward any issues bought on Zinio.com will not be accessible on VOLODaily.com. (Please see note about past issues before VOLO #18 in FAQ No.6 above)

7) I signed up for an account on VOLODaily.com and it logged me in, but where is my username and password?

When you signed up or purchased a magazine, an username and a password was auto generated from our system OR you created your username and password yourself. An email was despatched immediately to the email address you used to sign up with your username and password. Please check your email and spam box for this email.  It will be from VOLO VIXEN ([email protected]) or VOLO Admin ([email protected])

Also remember to white list [email protected] and [email protected] to make sure you receive emails going forward

8) My VOLODaily.com account works when I log in to the site, but it does not work when I try to use it to read magazines.

A common reason your password is NOT working to access an issue, is because you have not ACTUALLY PURCHASED the issue. Issues will appear on the magazine rack as soon as they are published, but you cannot access any issue you have not purchased through VOLODaily.com.

If you have purchased the issue on Zinio.com and you see the issue in your VOLODaily.com account, you still need to:

  • Purchase that issue on VOLODaily.com or Read it using your Browser from your Zinio.com reading list (Not Zinio App)
  • OR Subscribe to VOLODAILY.COM in a Platinum or Silver Subscription Level.
  • OR Purchase individual issues of the magazine from VOLODAILY.COM

If you still have questions regarding this issue, please email [email protected] to ask your question.

You  also may not be able to access magazines you PURCHASED, if you are trying to use your EMAIL ADDRESS as your USERNAME. Your EMAIL ADDRESS is NOT your USERNAME. Your USERNAME was emailed to you along with your password. You can also find your username from the MY ACCOUNT page.

Another common reason for this is a faulty password string. If you have changed your password, please remember that new passwords need to be strong passwords to be accepted. That is the reason we suggest not changing our auto generated password. But if you want to change and create another secure password, we suggest using tools like NORTON IDENTITY SAFE to create a new password.

If you have tried to reset your password and its still not working, please email [email protected] to report the issue and someone will respond to you within one business day.

9)  How do I download and access PDF Copies  of the magazines

PDF copies of magazines are available from the Magazine Rack at the https://www.volodaily.com/issues page

  1. If you have Platinum Access you will see ‘Download Magazine’ buttons on top of all the issues of the magazine
  2. Individual Issue purchasers will see ‘Download Magazine’ buttons on the top of ONLYY the issues they have purchased.
  3. The My Magazines Menu Item from Under the My Account section lists only those magazine that you have access to – Download or Online.

10) My Password Does not work. I have tried resetting it, but it still does not work

If you are having password/login problems, please follow the instructions below exactly before contacting us:

  1. If you have tried logging in more than 4 times unsuccessfully, your account has been locked by our servers, wait for 30 minutes and try again.
  2. Click on ‘Read Magazines’ on the Menu, then Click on ‘LOGIN’
  3. On the Login Screen – Click on Forgot Password
  4. You will be taken to the RECOVER PASSWORD screen. Enter your email address and click CONTINUE.
    Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.14.21 PM
  5. You will get a message stating that we have sent you an email with a confirmation link.
    Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.16.02 PM
  6. Check your email for an email from VOLO Daily ([email protected])
  7. Click on the link or copy the whole link with the key to your browser address bar and go to the link.. You will be taken back to the ‘RECOVER PASSWORD’ screen, where you can now create a new password for yourself.
  8. Please make sure if you change your password to use a STRONG password. Keep your eye on the ‘Password Strength Meter’ below the password entry boxes to make sure that you have a strong password, before you submit this screen.  Acceptable STRONG passwords need to have Uppercase(A,B,C)  and Lowercase characters (a,b,c) , numbers(1234) and at least one symbol (#@*) . Also passwords need to be 8 characters or longer to be accepted. Please create passwords outside in a Plain Text Editors and Copy paste into both fields. Save your passwords once they are accepted.
  9. If your password fields were STRONG but DON’T EXACTLY MATCH you may get this error screen
  10. If you successfully select a STRONG password and match the fields, your password will be changed and you will be redirected back to the Login Page.
  11. If this still does not solve your login issues to the website, Please email us at [email protected] and we will reset your account information, test it and send it back to you
  12. Please remember that IF YOU ARE ABLE TO LOGIN TO THE WEBSITE but you CANNOT ACCESS CERTAIN MAGAZINE ISSUES or BONUS CONTENT, that is most likely because you are not ‘Monthly Subscriber’ or ‘All-Access Subscriber’ of VOLODaily.com.
  13. Also, its natural for the Magazines to prompt for passwords even if you are already logged into the VOLODaily.com site. Please make sure you are using your USERNAME and not your EMAIL to log into the magazines.


11) How To Cancel Your Subscription

  1. Login to VOLODAILY.COM and go to MY ACCOUNT
  2. You will see all your orders on the my account page
    Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.44.51 AM
  3. Click the VIEW BUTTON next to your latest order
  4. You will be taken to the ORDER DETAILS screen where you can see the SUBSCRIPTION connected to the order
    Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.46.25 AM
  5. CLICK on the VIEW BUTTON next to the Subscription Item
  6. You will now be on the SUBSCRIPTION page – CLICK on the CANCEL BUTTON to cancel your subscription
    Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.47.39 AM