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“Photography is not my profession, but my passion.”

Markus Heeb

Markus Heeb is doing photography because of passion, not as it is a profession, shot this fashion nude set with model Laura.

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Model Profile

“Hello Volo,

I grew up in Switzerland near Zurich. At age 15 I started modeling. I consider myself a day dreamer, a storyteller, a music lover, a drama hater and a guitar player. I am obsessed with creative minds and honored to work with a whole bunch of them in this industry.”



Markus Heeb

Photographer Profile

“I was born in Switzerland in 1976. Always has been enthusiastic about photography. Seven years ago, I started with the people photography. Nude pictures I try to implement with style and also like to combine sometimes simple location/ studio with Fash ion Nude.

I myself am ambitious and always try to do my best. Photography is not my profession, but my passion.”

Markus Heeb

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volodaily.com/profile/markus-heeb

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