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Female Beauty – A Controversial Exhibition of Nude Photography in Copenhagen

By 09/17/2016

A daring and true showcase of Female Beauty.

Photographer Mathilde Grafström, a danish artist with a passion for nude photography recently scored a defining win for the artistic value of photographic nudes with her public photography exhibition titled ‘Female Beauty’.

The exhibition was allowed to be showcased openly on the streets of Copenhagen after a myriad of controversies. The pictures which show the unfettered beauty of natural and ordinary women in a natural surroundings, were put up at the Frederiksberg Town Hall Square, were showcased with proper display lighting to allow for 24×7 viewing.

Female Beauty - A Controversial Nude Photography Exhibition by Mathilde Grafström

The exhibition at Frederiksberg Townhall Square.

When the exhibition was first proposed, the danish police banned it immediately claiming it to be pornographic. But the news was picked up by many danish newspapers and blogs and some international media and created a great debate leading up to political circles in the Danish government. The police eventually had to capitulate and allow the exhibition to continue.

Swedish minister of culture Bertel Haarder Opens Female Beauty exhibition.

Danish minister of culture Bertel Haarder Opens Female Beauty exhibition.

“I think she has a point when she says that many people have a wrong or unclear idea relative to their body.”

Said Bertel Haarder, The Danish Minister of Culture when he opened the exhibition on the 22nd of August, 2016. His support added wings to Mathilde who has been fighting an uphill battle for the legitimacy of nude art in this otherwise liberal country. Sine Simonsen one of the models featured on the exhibition came to the opening event completely nude to make a statement. She said

“I hope that next time I lie on the beach and the bikini top is a little wet, it’s okay to throw it away and just be naked.”

The exhibition which was sponsored by Canon and other local photography companies, was put together with incredible amount of experimentation and innovation. The structures were constructed using 423 pallets and covered with 50 meters long and 2.2M high photo film. The project itself started 3 years ago as a self-therapy for Mathilde. She was going through a deep crisis in her life and turned to photographing nudes in nature to find peace. Mathilde is still struggling with mild depression and is not financially well off. She has been surviving mostly on welfare but has still managed to publish a book and create an exhibition which is now being talked about all over the world. She has been interviewed on television multiple times and articles about her are rampant on newspapers and blogs. She was featured on the home page of the Berlingske (Denmarks largest and most conservative newspaper) on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2016.


people at Frederiksberg town hall square admiring female beauty exhibition

people at Frederiksberg town hall square admiring female beauty exhibition

Mathilde was gracious enough to send some of the main pieces from the collection to VOLO for a showcase to our audience. Please find the sample showcase at VOLOART.GALLERY. We are hoping to make print purchases from the collection available for American art lovers very soon.

Mathilde Grafström - Female Beauty Showcase on VOLOART.GALLERY

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