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Fine Art Nude

Photography has replaced painting as the primary medium for fine art

Ancient Greeks started it and Romans took it to the next level, Italians like Michelangelo, Lucas Cranach, Amedeo Modigliani made it mainstream and worth millions… Fine art nude has now moved to the domain of photographers. Considered by many as the ONLY true form of nude art photography, VOLO has a huge library of work from this genre which is showcased in this section of the site.


Chupps in ‘Poor Twisted Me’ by Matthieu Colnat

“Five years ago, I have been spotted by a photographer. He thought I was at the same time soft but with a “strong face”, as he used to say. He pushed me to try what I could do in the model world, through photography. That was only the beginning as I am now more an addict, a real passionate model.”

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Ian Jacobs

Alexandra in ‘Spattered’ by Ian Jacobs

“My name is Alexandra, I am 19 years old and I am from Baltimore, MD. I’ve been modeling for about a year. My interest in modeling began when I was a little girl. I went through magazines and on the internet looking at the models thinking, “Wow! These girls are beautiful, I want to be one of them.”

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