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Fine Art Nudes

Fine Art Nudes


VOLO 61 | Chiara Bianchino in ‘Prisoner’ shot by Mert Akdeniz

“My name is Chiara Bianchino, I’m 23 years old. I’m a model and Playmate based in Rome, Italy. I’m graduated in Film Studies (Cinema and Television) and I started modeling 3 years ago for photoshoots, events, workshops, editorials, exhibitions… I’m also an actress and I work in the film industry in Italy. “

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VOLO 59 | Joceline in ‘My Rooftop At Night’ by Gaspar Marquez

“Joceline was possibly always destined to be a nude model since she grew up in a family that tended not to care much about clothes. Consequently, she wasn’t aware that nudity was a taboo until, aged 5, she stripped off at school and realized that ordinary people didn’t do that.”

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VOLO 60 | Bianka in ‘Homestory’ Shot by Benedikt Schmucker

“Hello, my name is Bianka and I live in a small town near Munich/ Germany. I work as a beautician two days a week, and apart from that, I’m a model. I started modeling for about four years … and I like this job a lot because I meet so many creative and interesting people!”

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Gunther Frans

VOLO 59 | ‘Valentina’ by Gunther Frans ft. Valentina Feula

“Valentina Feula is an international model based in Rome and a Globetrotter, as she defines herself. She has been modelling for 11 years, working with big names of photographers in all Europe and the United States like Erwin Olaf, David Bellemere, Luis Monteiro, Anvar Norov, Pino Leone, Iris Brosch, Yoram Roth, Neil Snape and many others.”

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