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“What makes this volo is it has three elements that are vital style sexuality and art, I wanted to fuse a Native American influence with my traditional tribal style of body paint. I wanted to give it a metallic look that gave a shimmer and earthy feel. I also used earth tones that gave a tribal feel, We wanted to keep it simple but allowed the detailed white designs to pop. All This was shot in Brooklyn New York.”

Adrian King

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Adrian and Flowerbomb wanted to keep it simple but allowed the detailed white designs to pop. All This was shot in Brooklyn New York.

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Model Profile

“My name is Dara I have been modeling for four years. I am currently located in NYC however I travel to Miami once a month for work. I mostly model boudoir and fashion but I really enjoy working with fernello and being a body paint model. Fernello and I have been working together for almost two years and this photo-shoot was my favorite. My style is sexy and flirty with a mix of urban and fashion, my passion is fashion however most of my bookings are lingerie and body paint.

In my free time I enjoy art, I am an artist and designer and custom paint canvases as well as handbags and shoes. If you would like to follow me on social media I post on Instagram and post a lot of behind the scenes from shoots.

In this shoot my body was painted by Fernello. He is a professional body paint artist based in New York City Who works with creative entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands through the art of Body painting.

For over 10 years he has perfected his craft in the world of body art and created a new wave of artistic expression that mixes fashion with body paint. His work has been seen all over social media as well as major news and print media outlets. More noticeable his appearance on the hit TV show SKIN WARS season two.”


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Adrian King

Photographer Profile

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, now residing in Orlando Florida, Adrian is a up and coming photographer and Music video Director.

He says “I have that unique talent to make anything look sexy”, Adrian Brings his images to life using light to shape his images to give a high contrast and Edgy feel. I can use anything to shape light, From Strobes over powering the sun, to a reflector, or even just natural sunlight. Its really about telling a story with the best tool for the job”.

He mainly shoots out of his Studio In Downtown Orlando, while occasionally traveling to Miami, New York and L.A. His work Mostly consists of Swimsuit, Lingerie and Fashion work for Private clients, as well modeling agencies, Music Videos and commercials.

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall




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