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The Girl Next Door

These are regular, natural, beautiful, VOLO women who live among us

The spirit of VOLO is freedom, and in the 20th century women truly have become free and equal to us. These galleries are dedicated to the beauty of the girl next door, who is effortless, all natural and just incredible in every way… Without even trying. Remember the saying Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, truly applies to every set in this category. If you are looking for artificial perfection (as in hourglass figures and drawn up faces… ) this is the wrong category for you.

‘Asia’ by Ivan Clemente ft. Asia Valente

Asia has spent some days at my Madrid flat, coming from Ibiza in his way to Milan, the shoot did not involve any planning, being Madrid so hot these days, I guess the way she likes to hang around is quite adequate.”

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VOLO Nude Yoga Tutorial - Firefly Pose

VIDEO | Nude Yoga Tutorial – The Firefly Pose

The Firefly pose (Tittibhasana in Sanskrit) is named after fascinating winged beetles known as fireflies. This advanced asana is a challenging arm balance that invites patience, practice, and flight all wrapped up in one beautiful movement.

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Michael Becker

Vex Voir in ‘Window Display’ by Michael Becker

"Michael Becker is an internationally published photographer specializing in lifestyle, portrait, and corporate photography." Michael Becker Nude Model Gallery Preview Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries Vex Voir Model Profile "I...
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