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Glamour Nude

Glamour Nude


VOLO 61 | Numa in ‘Broken’ shot by Alessandro Caramagna

“It is my first photo set of naked after a long time I believe that she is one of the few models that can freely interpret without taboo my own concept of photography, delicate and provocative at the same time, a style that I think may be interesting for a magazine like VOLO magazine.”

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Alexey Martynov

VOLO 59 | ‘CONCERT OF CATS’ shot by Alexey Martynov ft. various models

“My internal goal is to express the ideas that overwhelm me and reflect the beauty that I see through photography. I also derive great inspiration from shooting beautiful women. Yes, I know how corny it sounds. But I honestly cannot think of something more exciting. Fashion and art are my favorite genres ultimately.”

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VOLO Magazine Shut down
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