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“RK Smiley is interesting. I talked to him the day we published his first set in VOLO 41 and I immediately felt that he has the soul of an artist. An artist who has not yet been recognized for his true talent. Well that is what we do here at VOLO. So we hope to truly showcase the talent of this young photographer on our pages and website many times, and hopefully to his satisfaction.”
Shankha (Publisher VOLO Magazine)

“Heat wave is a set shot right in the middle of southern California’s hottest times. Jackie expresses the need for cooling off by taking a dip in the pool at home in the nude. The style focuses on showcasing the harshness of the sun, shown by the high contrast images.”

RK Smiley

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RK Smiley

Photographer Profile

RK Smiley, Photographer for VOLO Magazine Issue 41Ryan Smiley is a full time photographer based in Los Angeles. Ryan is a all out California boy, born and raised in Ventura County. He is one of the young and rising fashion and glamour photographers of LA and at 27 his career is at the verge of taking off.

He says “My interest in photography began at age 15 when I took a black and white film photography class in high school. The school could only afford the chemicals to expose black and white film and prints, but we had our own darkroom and that was more than any other school in the area. I spent hours in there growing my affection for art. Although I loved photography, I pursued graphic arts as a career originally before switching to digital photography as my main focus while I was attending college in Portland OR. 

After moving back to California in 2011, it took 2 years of boring office jobs before I convinced myself to start shooting again. Originally I hated shooting portraits, my interest in photography usually formed around urban, architecture, and anything with hard lines and great composition. I knew how awkward it was for me to get in front of the camera and I didn’t really know how to make others feel comfortable. I did however know if I truly wanted to make money in photography I should start shooting portraits. I started shooting good looking friends I had and started posting photos. Before you knew it I had people reaching out to me asking me to shoot their photos constantly and thus started my career. 

These past few years have truly been about discovering what my niche and style Is in portrait photography. I’m truly understanding my strengths in editing through my graphic designer experience and combining that with my love for black and white photos creates a style many people now recognize as my own. I’m a firm believer in playing just as hard as you work and now they are one in the same for me. It’s truly a blessing and im just happy to share my images with the world.”

Follow him on Instagram at : @rksmileyphotography

Jackie Contini

Model Profile

Jackie Contini is a casual model and a friend of Ryan Smiley

You can see more of her on Instagram at: @jeunerose

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