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“I took these images solely with VOLO magazine in mind, aiming to capture my model in a strong and stunning position, a woman of beauty and confidence, aligning with the magazine’s sensual yet sexy direction.”

Cameron Maynard

This story unfolds in the model's beautiful house, Cameron Maynard and Catherine both wanted to show the delicateness and beauty that is present in ballet.

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Catherine V.

Model Profile

“In my world of artistry, I consider myself a late bloomer yet a fast learner. I started my performing arts journey by dancing at the age of 14, training mostly in jazz and contemporary. Some of my modelling experience was just done on the side in certain casual projects under the direction and mentor-ship of Asia’s Next Top Model judge, Joey Mead-King. At 21, I worked as a theater show performer in Hong Kong Disneyland and then got appointed at age 25 as dance captain with side duties of choreographing their special events. I also graduated with a diploma in modelling under Tanya Powell Australia and now pursuing a full-time acting career under 16th Street Actors Studio.

My vision is to become an authentic versatile artist, a Jack of all trades that can be an above-average-master of all. I strongly believe that one can have it all when focus, dedication and passion is in alignment with the will to be deconstructed, emptied and filled-in with new graces.

So take risks and be unafraid of stripping yourself open. Vulnerability is the key to growth.”

Catherine V.

Follow Catherine V. on Instagram at @c_a_t_v

Cameron Maynard

Photographer Profile

“My name is Cameron Maynard and I am currently studying at Film School in Australia and have dedicated almost all of my time to pursuing photography, something I did not know I loved until I purchased a camera on a whim. Still imagery has caught my eye a great deal more than film, perhaps because it allows me to capture a singular moment in time, embracing its perfections and imperfections in a way that is subtly permanent, suspended in pixels.

I am a self-taught photographer, all throughout my teenage years I kept a photo diary of my travels through France and regional Australia. Only in the past year with the purchase of a new camera, after many years of hiatus, have I found myself admiring the art and creative freedom that photography allows, devoting all of my time to my camera has resulted in a huge shift in my perspective.

Primarily I love photographing people, each individual has their own shape, beauty, emotions and rawness. The camera offers me a way to show people the way I see them, which is often quite empowering and uplifting. From fashion to candid to nudity, each person deserves to be shown that they are beautiful.

I have only just started my journey, but I have discovered that I have a penchant for; beautiful people, gorgeous color palettes and radiant natural lighting. I hope all of these elements are present in my imagery, so that you can enjoy seeing the world the way I do.”

Cameron Maynard

Follow Cameron Maynard on Instagram at @cameronmaynardphotography

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