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“The concept behind this set was a tribute to the Indians in North Dakota that were protesting against the gas lines which runs through their reservations.
The model in which I chose to work with for this set is part Cherokee Indian and was deeply touched and affected by the current events. We thought about this long and hard, and although it can be controversial due to the nudity and the conservative minds, we felt the risk vs, the reward would be so much more beneficial.
Skylar (model) is an amazing soul and woman both inside and out. She has a heart of gold and although she is willing to do implied art and nudity she stated the only magazines that I would go fully nude for would be playboy or VOLO! I feel as this submission is surely in the line of the style of work that Volo presents so when I was told to submit this issue by a Volo representative so it could be presented for the spring issue of the publication due to the 3-6 issue waiting list, we jumped at the opportunity!!!”


Nude Model Gallery Preview

The concept behind this set was a tribute to the Indians in North Dakota that are currently protesting against the gas lines that are running through their reservations. Skylar Walling is an amazing soul and woman both inside and out. She has a heart of gold and although she is willing to do implied art and nudity.

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Skylar Walling

Model Profile

Hello VOLO readers, my name is Skylar Walling and I’m a23-year-old Atlanta based model. I’m Cherokee Indian, Estonian, and a Spanish mutt with a gypsy soul. I was born in Alabama but was raised in Georgia and South Florida. I’m a free spirit who loves art, animals, traveling, going to the gym, snowboarding and anything that has a motor (but preferably fast and loud with lots of horsepowers). I may appear to look like a girly girl on the outside but I’m a true tomboy at heart who doesn’t mind getting her hands a little dirty.

I just recently began my modeling career a short six months ago but recently a fire has ignited in my heart and I feel I found a true passion of mine. For me, modeling isn’t just sitting pretty in front of a camera, it’s being able to express yourself as an artist using your body in the most beautiful way and nothing is more empowering. I’ve always known deep down in my heart that I wanted to become a model but never expected that dream to come to fruition. I grew up sneaking and reading playboy and maxim at a young age (don’t tell on me) and dreaming of being one of the beautiful models on the cover who everyone envied and wanted to be. But like I said, I don’t want to be another pretty face, but a woman who is known for my vibrant personality, the heart of gold, and beautiful mind. I’m more than ready to see where my career takes me strobe on the lookout! Xoxo Skylar. =)

Skylar Walling

Follow her on Instagram @Skylarw_xoxo

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Dewayne Jones

Photographer Profile

I have searched for hours, well what feels like decades searching for the right words to say. I found this to be difficult because I constantly try to perfect myself in an industry that’s steadily evolving so much that I never get a chance to embrace the man I was just a day before.

I was born a few decades ago in the state of earthquake aftershocks or at least that’s how I remember it, Los Angeles, California.

Very early on I decided that I wanted to make a living with a camera in my hand while taking on the challenge of showcasing the world from my abstract perspective. Once I set sight on that goal, I decided to study at one of the most prestigious photographic schools in the world – YouTube University! Yes, what can’t you find on the internet in today’s society? I committed the next 2 years and did my due diligence, studying and learning my craft before taking on any paid gigs.

Since 2007 I’ve been working as a freelance photographer and cinematography. I’ve completed projects with some of the best agencies, magazine, advertising sources, television networks and many more general public figures. I have photographed all over the world from USA, Jamaica, Brazil, Thailand, Europe, Dominica Republic, Mexico, and Russia to name a few. Needless to say, no matter how many times I spin my Photography wheel, my heart always lands on expressive art. To me, the definition of expressive is simply the name, Volo. The style, the essence, the passion, the ability to capture and select images of nudity without it being overly explicit is achieved by Volo every issue and unmatched in a growing community where nudity is widely accepted but missing the mark of defined art.

Before making the attempt to submit to Volo, I decided to grasp the overall style of the magazine. I purchased the last 4 issues before even taking a shot at the submission. I noticed in every issue that it’s not just about the model, her body, her sex appeal or her beauty but also the scenery that is equally important and powerful to the editor of this publication.

I decided to tie all of my thoughts together while keeping the identity of the publication in the foreground. All the way down to the model that I selected for this piece being Indian descent. My heart nestled upon the Indians in North Dakota that are currently protesting the natural gas pipelines and how it is affecting their lives and culture.

I am the father of two amazing boys and a lover of animals. I own and raise English and French Bulldog puppies in my spare time when I’m not Filming or photographing. I enjoy traveling while finding the beauty within everything in sight, so to catch me without my camera is like seeing Cheech without Chong, it won’t happen!

Dewayne Jones

Follow him on Instagram @iNterScopePhotography

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