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“Amanda is an accomplished model whose tattoos add texture and interest to this shoot. From the serenity on Amanda’s face to her finely chiseled form to her graceful poses to the water droplets hugging her breasts to the motion of the falls thundering about her, these images display the nude female as strong and powerful and delectably beautiful.”

Will Haubert

Will Haubert says Amanda Lee is an accomplished model whose tattoos add texture and interest to this shoot. These images display the nude female as strong.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Amanda Lee

Model Profile

In her late 20s, Amanda Lee is a published professional alternative/tattoo model from Virginia.

She tells us: “I’ve been modeling for several years now, in a variety of styles including boudoir, pinup, fashion, glamour, editorial, fine art nudes, and conceptual art. Modeling is my one true passion that I put my all into, and I’m glad to say that I’ve been published a few times to show for it, including 3 covers.

Amanda has promoted a number of events and she is the spokes model for several product lines. Amanda has a Bachelors’ degree in Environmental Management and her hobbies include kayaking, cooking, traveling, working out, and dancing. She is actively pursuing the culinary arts and writes a food and cooking column for a regional publication.

Finally, Amanda is pursuing certification as an Emergency Medical Technician to continue her desire to help others.

Will Haubert

Photographer Profile

Will Haubert is a semi-professional photographer hailing from Arlington, Virginia. For a third of a century, he practiced law for the U.S. Government.

Says Will: “I loved my law practice and I loved my colleagues. But I had creative and artistic interests that I loved even more – and those urges ultimately led me to retire to pursue photography.”

His transition consisted of three hours – he left his job at 4 pm, took the subway home, and went to his first photo club meeting at 7. Started clicking his shutter the next day and has never looked back.

Will cut his teeth on landscape and nature photography. Along the way, he has won numerous competitions and awards at the local, regional, and national level and was the overall “Versatile Photographer of the Year” for 2009 in the prestigious Northern Virginia Photographic Society.

In 2011, Will discovered his passion for portraiture: “I view portraiture as aspiration, as distinct from representational. Representational imagery is photojournalism – with all of its attendant constraints and responsibilities. In contrast, a portrait is about a person’s soul and self-image. It’s not about who you are with all your flaws and faults – it’s about who you think you are and who you want to be. It’s how you want the world to see you!”

Will’s photography ranges from fashion to fetish – mild to wild: “My repertoire includes fashion, glamour, fetish, erotic, art nudes, pin-up, head shots, story-telling, and anything else creative people can imagine! I truly love women and love to portray their beauty. Beauty radiates from the soul — and that’s what I seek in my images. If I do it right, a woman’s inner beauty will reveal itself to the lens – and to the viewer’s eye.

Will Haubert

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/profile/ff1uvr

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