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The 2018 Fashion & Glam issue

VOLO Magazine 57

2018 ushers in a new chapter for VOLO. Starting this year VOLO magazine changes it’s publishing a calendar to 6 issues each year. These 6 issues will represent a collection of the very best in nude photography from the world of VOLO for their particular theme.

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Winter Issue

VOLO Magazine 56

This issue is headlined by one of our most favorite photographers of all time, James Ellingen. James is amazing in every way. A former Playboy photographer who took to shooting art a few year ago, James has an uncanny eye for innovative composition and his mastery of light is second to none

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Winter Issue

VOLO Magazine 55

We start the issue with a cover which is a deviation from our standard. We showcase a glamour model Flower Bomb shot by Adrian King. While this set may not follow the regular VOLO tradition of natural light and subtle story lines, it does characterize a strength…

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VOLO 54 October 2017

VOLO Magazine 54

180 pages of perfection. That is the only way to summarize this issue which showcases photographic creations by photographers who have had that incredible connection with their muse. The love is apparent in each and every image on the pages of this issue…

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VOLO 53 September 2017

VOLO Magazine 53

Summer is almost over and the last VOLO pool party was a blast (Hope you followed us on Instagram @volomag @vologlam) – Videos still coming out on the VOLOVault.

We wanted to take a break from water and hot summer bodies to bring you VOLO 53 September 2017 Issue which focuses on capturing women in the secluded security of their homes and then contrasting it with complete boldness where she goes nude and bold into the beautiful outdoors.

This is the second VOLO Magazince cover for model Kate Ri. We consider her to be one of the most beautiful women in the world today and the ease with which she projects her beauty is something all models need to learn from.

The cover is shot by Albert Finch ,a young Polish Photographer who has garnered incredible fame for himself at a very young age. His style is classic & fashionable yet sensual and totally #VOLO.

This issue is soft and beautiful and close to my heart.

VOLO 52 August 2017 Issue

VOLO Magazine 52

Incredible has many viewpoints

I love creative photography. The independence to shoot in your own style without any pressure to comply to certain defined guidelines often brings the best out of commercial photographers who are used to creating ‘standardized’ content on a regular basis.

Every year our creative issue is a testament to diverse styles of photography and the VOLO#52 2017 issue is one of the best we have put together. I am proud to present our very FIRST INDIAN cover model in this issue.

What makes it even special is that this model is one of the few bold women in India who is ready to shake off the sheets that cover all kinds of sexual expression in India. While our founder is from that country, in 50+ issues we have never had the opportunity to feature a model from India (we have featured a few models of Indian origin in the past) in VOLO. Heena Roy is brave, beautiful and bold and we have a wealth of content from her (starting with this cover set) you will soon see releasing in the VOLO VAULT.

While I love every set in the issue, my personal favorites are the ones by Spanish photographer Eduardo Hernández (Dance Et Tempore), Offir Assayag (The Naked Tree) and Rodio Tyurikov making love to his model with his camera.

Hope you enjoy the issue as much as we love it.

VOLO Magazine 51

It’s steaming… and rightly so!

So summer is here. The pool at the VOLO house is warm enough (even in Norcal) to have wet & wild beauties in it almost every weekend… LOL (Want to be part of the action, follow us on @volomag to see the live streams) and I am proud to release one of the hottest and classiest VOLO 51 July 2017 Issue.

Photography in this issue is just par excellence, and the most important thing is that we have managed to keep the pictures incredibly hot, without making them pasty and monochromatic (read bland and over photoshopped) like some of our eminent peers in the industry.

We pride ourselves on keeping the raw authenticity of the model (the true essence of a woman) alive on our pages and I believe that my team has pulled that off perfectly in this issue. This is what red hot looks like from a woman’s perspective.

Enjoy the issue.

VOLO 50 June 2017 Issue

VOLO Magazine 50

Our Golden Jubilee *50th* issue showcasing those who use their body as a canvas of emotions…

VOLO 50 June 2017 Issue is the golden jubilee issue of VOLO Magazine… And of course it’s only fitting that the original VOLO Vixen Esha is featured on the cover shot by none other than our founder and president Shankha.

50 issues is a lot of history, history that has created it’s undeniable impact on the world of nude art. When Instagram deleted our account @volomagazine we truly understood our presence with the massive outreach from fans from all over asking for where to follow VOLO. You can follow us on @voloart and @vologlam going forward.

With the 50th issue we also launch the VOLO Network formally. The worlds best nude artists can create their portfolios on VOLO Network, connect with each other AND post jobs and opportunities to work together to create incredible nude art.

With our 50th issue and the VOLO Network we feel that we have finally circled off the creation of the worlds most valuable nude art community.

Come fly with me…



VOLO 49 May 2017 Issue

VOLO Magazine 49

Our hottest issue of the year defines 9 shades of eros…

In VOLO 49 May 2017 Issue, At the core of nude art photography lies the attraction that humanity has had for the nude female form, from the very beginning of our history. Erotic art has been incorporated into the architectures of historical buildings through Europe and Asia and the passion ignited by EROS has caused the rise and fall of multiple empires.

And still we run away from it, avoid it, keep it under wraps and vilify it anytime we are challenged with our interest in anything remotely erotic? Why is that one of the core instincts that make us human is also something that we are so afraid to publicly acknowledge, praise and enjoy?

This issue sets out to prove that photographing eros can be beautiful, enchanting and tasteful. Presented in the right ‘light’ we are all beautiful… And the 9 photostories in this issue are a testament to the diversity of erotic photography and talent that is truly worthy of being VOLO.

Let’s take flight…



VOLO April 2017 Issue

VOLO Magazine 48


with VOLO April 2017 Issue that features 6 brand new photographers!

Fashion is something very close to my heart and as editor of VOLOGLAM I spend quite some time looking into the latest in fashion trends from all over the world… But of  course VOLO fashion is different. How to make it fashionable when clothes are not allowed? Quite the dilemma we have here.

Well photography is such an art that it can conquer anything. We have tried to do our best putting together 10 editorials that showcase different facets of  fashion-nude photography, ending the issue with a body painted set by one of  our beloved female artists, Miriam Franco from Madrid.

However this issue is anchored by the incredible presence of  our cover model, the nordic beauty Eleonor Frostegård. The cover set was shot by another female photographer Alexandra Svensson. This is Alexandra’s debut on VOLO Magazine and we are super excited to add another top level femal photographer to our roster. Go Girls!!

Enjoy the issue and let me know your thoughts…



VOLO March 2017 Issue Cover Page

VOLO Magazine 47


And it’s time to get inspired by some gorgeous booty!

Hey Everyone, How are you all doing this Spring? You know that Spring is also mating season for almost all mammals living on our planet, except of course us humans.

Why is it so? Why do humans mate all the time and in all seasons… Well actually the question should be why don’t other animals mate all the time? Specially in Winter… Like what better is there to do ? LOL.

I am getting distracted, lets talk about the issue. It’s spring and it’s time to roam free and feel the love that nature is bestowing on all of us. The beauty of flowers, the fullness of the rivers after winter and the buzz of butterflies and moths… We have filled this issue with life, some incredible pictures and lots of booty.

Who does not like booty? Women of my generation spend an inordinate amount of their spare time building a better booty, and there is only a few men in this world who can avoid doing a double take when a woman with a round rump walks by.

Booty is here to stay, it has finally overtaken the american fantasy of big boobs as the primary physical attribute of a desirable female…

And the best part is that its mostly all natural, hard work generated ass that is getting the most accolades and admiration from our male counterparts.

Enjoy the issue and enjoy the booty,


VOLO #46– February 2017 Cover Page

VOLO Magazine 46

Happy Valentines Day VOLO Lovers!

I hope Valentines day has been kind to you all this year and you have all gotten your fair share of love and affection.

If you were hoping to see a VOLO issue of full of hearts and flowers, well I guess then you are new to VOLO. Of course we don’t conform or follow any sort of rules… What we do, unfailingly so, is to bring you the best in NUDE ART from all over the world, issue after issue… And this issue is no exception. The cover set is just the beginning of excellence in photography.

We compiled this issue with 9 sets each shot with a different technique and style. Each standing on its own for its excellence in execution from an artist of VOLO calible.

Hope you all love the issue. Every set in the issue will of also course be available in gallery format within 3 days of issue release on VOLOVAULT.COM.

Enjoy the issue,

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