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VOLO #38 – June 2016 – Cover Page

VOLO Magazine 38

Welcome to VOLO 38 VOLOnians, this is our annual inked models issues where we bring you the inked art models who have caught the VOLO eye, in one collection to beat all others.

If you love tattoos and models with tattoos this issue is made for you. If you are on the other side of the border and feel that inked models are not mainstream, then flipping through the pages of this issues may change your mind. We have collected a very diverse set of editorials for this issue ranging from pure artistic to pure glamour while still statying within the VOLO aesthetic.

If you like Tattoo magazines then do order this issue in print. It will be a great book to collect for your bookcase. The cover is shot by my dear friend and the worlds leading Tattoo photographer Keith Selle and it features his lady love Shannon Sumner first time in a nude pictorial. Keith joins the elite company of those artists who have bestowed VOLO with the ultimate gift of showcasing their beloved, portrayed proudly as a VOLO goddess.

Enjoy the issue and don’t forget to stay VOLO.

Till next time,

VOLO Magazine 37

Hey there VOLO world,

How are you all doing today?

Welcome to VOLO 37, our issue to formally welcome the summer of 2016. It’s finally sunny at the VOLO house and the team is enjoying the sun and producing some great work. VOLO.Social is rocking, we have over 50 new sets queued up for Bonus Content sections and of course another 170 page mega magazine is out.

If you love nature, this issue should delight you. If you like natural women, this issue should become one of your favorites. And yes, this is one of those issues you should buy in print and keep in your collection… It will be worth the visual richness.

A lot of people continually ask us why VOLO is not in commercial print. Well, two main reasons… 1) Not enough subscribers 2) Regular print paper would not do justice to the images in the magazine. The best solution is the beautiful ‘photo quality’ images and hard cover issues that you can order on-demand through our ‘Order Print Issues’ section of VOLODaily.com.

We are optmimistic for 2016 as a lot of good things are happening and if you are a current All-Access member, hold on to it, because starting this issue single issue prices hit $9.99 and we will be completely revamping subscription pricing which releases on June 1.

Enjoy the issue and don’t forget to stay VOLO.

Till next time,

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VOLO #36 – April 2016 – Cover Page

VOLO Magazine 36

Hello VOLO people,

Hope you are all in good mood and high spirits as you are about to enjoy and admire another issue of VOLO.

As I finalize this issue of VOLO Magazine, I finally see clear skies in San Francisco and temperaturs are finally allowing us to go out without heavy jackets… That is the signal that summer is finally approaching and along with it will come a barrage of content from the VOLO studios, videos, live streams and social posts. Stay tuned on our Instagram account @volomagazine to make sure you don’t miss anything!

This is our Colors of Art issue, which follows one of the most incredible black and white issues we have ever produced. VOLO 35 raised the bar, even by VOLO standards and we had to look far and look hard and break a lot of hearts to finally select the 170 pages that you have started enjoying in this issue.

One of the things we do need your help with… Please do not share the PDF’s you download from here publicly. Legally we can go after you but that is not the VOLO way. We had to turn password locks back on PDF’s because many of you started sharing your PDF voluntarily or involuntarily on free file sharing sites. These sites NOT ONLY hurt us, but they always attach trojans and viruses to the download attachments and infect the computers of the people who are trying to save enough to buy a cup of coffee while stealing Art.

Yes! Thats all it takes to support VOLO and keep us growing and getting better work for you. $5.99 a month (A Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappuccino) is all you need to sacrifice to make sure we can keep on bringing this level of incredible art to you.

To support the incredible amount of concurrent PDF downloads from our readers, we had to upgrade our cloud architecture. It literally costs an arm and a leg to keep VOLODaily.com running, so please help us and keep your subscription going… And yes, please don’t share those PDF’s.

Till next time, stay VOLO.


VOLO Magazine 35

Welcome to Spring 2016, VOLOnians,

How are you all doing?

I know we pushed the boundaries quite a bit with VOLO 34 our EROS and LOVE issue, but we are right back to our pure photographic art niche with VOLO 35, the issue that you should certainly buy in PRINT.

The level of photography we have managed to assemble in this issue is truly astounding even by VOLO standards. Leading the charge is the young upcoming photographer fom Austrialia, Tommy Medveczky who shot the incredible ‘Blazing Sun’ cover set of the issue… But the real photographic genius of this issue is none other than the incredible Guenter Knop. Guenter has been shooting pictures for over 50 years and we are lucky to bring you some of his best ‘film’ work in this issue of VOLO. That is priceless… I sometimes reminisce about the time I would spend hours in the darkroom, trying to do get light flare effects properly developed on film… chemicall spills… Oh the fun of it. Film was pretty amazing, though there is no way I could go back.

Anyway, back to the present. We would love it if you would follow us on instagram @volomagazine and like and comment on the incredible collection of images from our contributing artists we post there on a daily basis.

One more thing, we have to turn the locks back on the PDF’s that you download from VOLODAILY.COM. Some of the not so art friendly subscribers have been merrily sharing the PDF’s with everyone who wants it and we need to make sure we protect that or else we will no longer be able to produce this gorgeous magazine. The password would be your VOLODAILY EMAIL ADDRESS.

Please ask your friends to subscribe at www.volodaily.com. We need many more subscribers to break even and keep on going.

Till next time, stay VOLO.

VOLO #34 - February 2016 -Cover Page

VOLO Magazine 34

Happy Valentines Day VOLOnians,

Hope you all had crazy sexy Valentine celebrations and are feeling suitably light in your back pocket after proving your love for your significant other with a sizable donation to a fashion or jewelry store 😉

Now that is out of the way, I hope the smart ones among you who did not have a VOLO all-access subscription, took advantage of our Valentines day sale and got all-access… Because it’s going to be the best VOLO investment you have ever made. With this issue we are also introducing the VOLO Marketplace. Now VOLO artists can sell digital and print versions of their ART on VOLODaily.com. If you have been waiting to buy that one (or two…or three) VOLO images that you wanted to frame up on your bedroom wall, you can now do so. We will be releasing new PRINTS every week.

Let’s talk about the issue… Ohh!! How hot is our cover model? I think if you pour water on her, it will turn into steam instantly. Yep that hot! and what you see in the magazine is only a small glimpse of her hotness as Joel has promised to put up a digital set of her images which is supposed to blow our brains away.

EVERY set in this issue is smoking hot, to the point that I had quite a difficult time justifying the inclusion of some images in the magazine, because you know… VOLO is pure art!! We push the edges, but we are the worlds #1 art magazine and we will never go over to the dark side.

So in this issue we take on the hard hard job of portraying some intensely erotic situations in the most artistic manner… Did we succeed? Maybe. Did we fail? I am sure there will be people who will think we did… But one thing is certain, we will listen to you and keep on trying. And we will keep on experimenting and pushing the edges.

I am sure you guys don’t expect anything less.

Thanks for being a VOLOnian.


VOLO Magazine 33

Happy New Year VOLOnians,

I am going to adopt Sacha Leyendeckers endearing terminology for VOLO readers and fans for a moment and call you VOLOnians, the inhabitants of the world of VOLO.

I want to start with a request for you all. We need your feedback on the brand new VOLODaily.com. We spent a lot of sleepless nights on this architecture which now supports ‘Single Sign-on’, ‘Premium Content’ and introduces the all new VOLOLIVE.TV. Have you been watching? Send me your feedback and critique, we are very close to getting this right, but I am sure there are pieces you will find that will help us perfect the new platform.

Let’s talk about issue 33. For 2016 we have decided to return to THEMED issues. That means every issue will be a collection of layouts of a particular type of photography/models. We start with something which is 360degrees opposite to our Dec 2015 issue, presenting the GLAM-ART 2016 issue. All the photosets in this issue are shot in the format of GLAMOUR photography (though not quite like the jaded glamour photography you find elsewhere). We would love your feedback on the issue and the concept of themes.

Also coming soon will be our collectors editions issues from 2015, the BEST OF issues are the ones you must buy in print and collect forever.

Please write back to me as your feedback is what makes VOLO great!


VOLO Magazine 32

Happy Holidays Everyone,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to VOLO 32.

Most of the times companies wait for the new year to make major changes, but here at VOLO we really don’t follow any norms do we? Of course not! It’s my pleasure to welcome to you a brand new website where you may be reading this magazine (if not on Zinio). The new VOLODaily.com has a lot of cool features but none better than the dissapearence of the ‘DREADED’ secondary login to read magazine issues. We also break our ties with the 3D Issue magazine readers from this issue featuring a new HTML5 Interface completely integrated with the site.

Releasing first on this new and improved platform is a completely re-designed and by far our BEST ISSUE of 2015. VOLO 32 – The True Artists issue is a collection of images created by some of the most passionate of artists in the VOLO universe. These are individuals, both models and photographers who go above and beyond to take time out to create the outstanding. Whether it is engineer turned artist Charles Lucima or the living legend Jeremy Gibbs, the master from Australia Cam Attree or the genius from Barcelona Sagar Manjarres… The one thread that ties these artists together is the inherent passion they bring to their photography. Models like Romi Muse, Miss Miranda, Chanon Finley, Dasha, Agni and Miki – go through unthinkable odds, weather and dangerous situations to create effortless poses in incredible locations. These artists go through hell and high water to create images that make them stand apart and all they want in return is appreciation…

Appreciation that only YOU can provide. So lets start with a round of thundering applause to the true artists in this issue and the others out there who we promise to discover and showcase for you.

VOLO 31 - The Milkmaid Issue - Cover

VOLO Magazine 31

Welcome to VOLO 31.

I want to start by thanking all those readers who have persevered with us as loyal subscribers through the various technical challenges we have faced over the last year.

Starting December 2015 (Next Issue), we will be moving to a brand new membership system. We expect to be able to give you guys a simpler subscription system with better content flows and easier access. Starting this issue, we are now releasing PDF versions of the maga-zine on the same day as the release of the online issue. Log into your VOLODaily.com ‘My Account’ page to download the latest issue in PDF version directly to your computer or to your mobile device. Apple devices can open the PDF in their iBooks app to read it like a flipbook magazine. The flipbook reader app will still be available as usual.

Let’s talk about the issue. Our quality has never been higher. With the launch of VOLO Social, we have been able to foster a real community of incredible artists who are sharing the most incredible images with us everyday and as a result we are discovering more amazing artist and incredible models on a daily basis. VOLO Magazine’s presence on Instagram has taken a quantam leap with over 100,000 followers and serious engagement on every post, and our live streams on Snapchat VOLOLIVE are being followed by many of you. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to be notified when the next live stream comes online.

Enjoy the issue and look forward to a brand new experience for 32.


VOLO Magazine 30

VOLO is revamping its structure. We have been talking to our subscribers and we realize that a monthly magazine is not enough for our subscribers in the age of instant gratification.

We recently launched VOLOLIVE Snapchat Channel available only to paid all-access subscribers. Now we are hard at work creating a regular programming calendar for this channel so our readers and followers can now be part of more and more VOLO shoots and special events as- they-happen.

Also coming is a regular schedule of one new video or expanded content set every week, along with a constant stream of incredible imaged delivered through our VOLO.SOCIAL stream.

VOLO is entering a phase where we have a staff, an office and we are trying to put together a regular schedule of programming for you all. But we cannot do any of this without your support. Please make sure that you maintain your regular subscription and ask your friends to join in to become subscribers…

Give us just $6 a month and we will bring you the world! This issue has been carefully edited for content which is a potent mix of all types of nude photography that makes us different. If you like it let me know… if you want something we are missing, let me know…

Thanks for reading,

VOLO #29 – September 2015 – Cover Page

VOLO Magazine 29

Are you on VOLO.SOCIAL yet? If not, then head to the site and get your free account. A continuous stream of art and gorgeousness posted by an ever increasing network of photographers is making VOLO.Social a must visit for all VOLO fans… And to top it all, its completely FREE…And NO we don’t ban nipples!!

I have been increasing hearing from a select group of VOLO critics, and through the grapevine that VOLO is not an ART magazine… its an EROTIC magazine. So I decided to explain our concept of Nude Art Photography one more time for our readers, critics and contributors.

“Some people’s photography is an art. Not mine. Art is a dirty word in photography. All this fine art crap is killing it already” -Helmut Newton

“Any photographer who says he’s not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar.” – Helmut Newton

The greatest photographer who lived in our times says it the best…Fine Art is NOT the only form of NUDE ART! Need I say more?

Nude ART is photography of NUDE WOMEN (and men) WITHOUT portraying the ACT OF SEX but showcasing the beauty of the GOD’s creation from every angle and situations that invoke a sense of awe, romance, sensuality and wonder. That is what we showcase in VOLO and that is what has made this magazine the #1 Ranked ART Magazine in the world.

This issue bring you 150+ pages of the same and more…

Thanks for reading,

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VOLO Magazine 28

Only July 19th 2015, Facebook decided to delete the Facebook Fan Page of VOLO Magazine. We had over 120,000 followers of the magazine on that page that we lost that day!

In todays world where 80% of website traffic of most of our competi- tors originates from their Facebook pages, this could be seen as a major catastrophe… But VOLO is not just a simple Art Magazine, its also a Silicon Valley company where every obstacle spurs innovation and every failure is the beginning of a new journey.

We are tired of Facebook telling us what is obscene and what is not… Our photographers and models create incredible art and these images/ videos need to a proper STREAM to be shared with the community. Our readers need a place where they can freely appreciate NUDE ART photography and where pictures don’t need to be mauled and disfigured to follow rules set by a company with a misplaced set of moral values. VOLO 28 brings along a special gift for you all.

We present to you VOLO.SOCIAL – The True Art Social Network. The cover of this issue is none other than Amber Flowers, one of the most beautiful women in the world today. Amber was on the cover of VOLOGLAM 1502 and now she adorns the cover of VOLO. 10 incredible sets adorn this 178 page magazine, one of the largest regular issues in VOLO history. All I will say is that once you start turning the pages, there is no stopping.

Enjoy the issue and do write back to me with questions and comments on VOLO.SOCIAL

Thanks for reading


VOLO Magazine 27

Welcome to VOLO 27.

A few months ago, we launched a sister magazine – VOLOGLAM. It was our attempt to bring the VOLO brand to a more mainstream and conservative audience and also bring the VOLO flair to the Men’s Magazine market. We expected it to be a little sister to VOLO Mag and help us establish a wider reach… 

But 4 issues in, VOLOGLAM has slid into the #2 position for mens magazines in the Zinio.com newsstand. We are thankful…The little sister grew up and she grew up really fast. If you are not a subscriber yet, be sure to check out HOW WE DO MEN’S MAGAZINES? 

The VOLO List is in the process of getting created. We expect to release our first edition in a few months as soon as we get all the responses back from 100 photographers we believe are the ones to watch in the world of Nude Art and Glamour photography. Stay tuned for more on that topic on our social media streams.

This issue is incredible! Starting from the cover shoot with the fantastic Mariel Noir by Todd Dutkevich, who claims the cover in his very first appearance on VOLO – to the last page shot by none other than the incredible Tanya Tess…. Once you start turning the pages of VOLO #27, you will only stop at page160.

Enough said, enjoy the issue.

VOLO Magazine Shut down
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