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“This set is a showcase of strength, beauty and a bit of mystery and abstraction, cherishing the female form in its raw and intimate elegance.”

Stefan Fröhlich

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Stefan says "This set is a showcase of strength, beauty and a bit of mystery and abstraction, cherishing the female form in its raw."

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Jestimani Lessmann

Model Profile

“My name is Jestimani Theresa Lessmann; I’m a 20 years aspiring dancer of half German and half Greek heritage born in the Ruhr area of Germany. I’ve been living in Berlin for over ten years now, working on my stage dance education and will finally finish it this summer.

Dancing has always been my dream. I started out as a ballet dancer but had to look for a new orientation when I grew up and developed more feminine curves. I found it in modern and jazz dance and been pursuing my dream of working as a dancer in these areas ever since. My boyfriend is also a dancer in the Moulin Rouge, so I’m looking forward to maybe explore and work in Paris, as soon as I’m finished studying.”

Jestimani Theresa

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Stefan Fröhlich

Photographer Profile

“Hey there,

My name is Stefan. I’m an aspiring photographer from Berlin on the brink of going into photography professionally.

After finishing school, always having a good understanding of informatics and technical stuff, I started studying computer science in Berlin. Though I soon realized that something important was missing in my life and this path wasn’t the right one for me, it took me some time to eventually find it in music (I am a drummer in a blues/hard rock band) and photography.

Though I’ve been pursuing photography as a hobby for only about 2 years now, it soon developed into the thing I eventually want to do for a living and been concentrating on for the last couple of months.

I’m always trying to broaden my horizon on different kinds of genres, be it fashion, beauty or portraiture and recently focused on the fine art that is nude photography.

I’ve mainly been working with people for whom modeling is only a hobby and gaining their trust in trying something new, being comfortable enough to actually enjoy the experience of posing nude and happy after they receive the finished shots we did together, is a great feeling and enrichment for my work as an aspiring artist.”

Stefan Fröhlich

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