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“I was thinking about something fresh, colorful and vibrant for this story somehow, and then, Joceline posted on FB that she would be in NYC for a day or so. I reached out to her and she agreed on the concept I had in mind.
Everything happened so quick but It felt so right at the same time, I called my friend Vito, and he let me shoot upon his rooftop in the East Village, he actually offered to help to assist, but he got overwhelmed when Joceline showed up, she is totally confident and stands 6′ 1″, barefoot and about 6’5″ with high heels, she got rid of her clothes and was ready to pose naked outside in 2 seconds …”

Gaspar Marquez

Nude Model Gallery Preview

I was thinking about something fresh, colorful and vibrant for this story somehow ,and then , Joceline posted on FB that she would be in NYCfor a day or so .

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Model Profile

Joceline was possibly always destined to be a nude model since she grew up in a family that tended not to care much about clothes. Consequently, she wasn’t aware that nudity was a taboo until, aged 5, she stripped off at school and realized that ordinary people didn’t do that. Joceline, however, grew up not to be too bothered about being normal, so when she was ‘spotted’ by a press photographer at a London theatre, she jumped at the chance to pose nude for him (despite having a vague worry that he might be planning to murder her). He didn’t kill her, just gave her some lovely prints and some advice about pursuing modeling full-time.

Having trained extensively in ballet and gymnastics before training as a professional actress, Joceline loves the storytelling, expressive nature of her work. She also likes working in many styles – from the catwalks of London Fashion Week to avant-garde exhibitions, fetish websites, and pure classical nude work. She models worldwide, in locations as varied as the plains of Africa, the Australian Bush, the (cold!) North of Norway, and almost everywhere uncomfortable in between. She likes doing bendy, weird poses, and making faces.

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Gaspar Marquez

Photographer Profile

Gaspar Marquez was born in Mexico, soon developed an addiction to photography and the arts, as a child would take his mother’s camera and shoot just for fun without her consent. Later, he moved to San Francisco and studied photography while wandered through America. He’s currently working on independent projects, working as a Fine Art/fashion photographer.

“Photography is the media of my choice, but as a kid, I was attracted to painting, especially Surrealism, Cubism, and Expressionism.”

Follow him on Instagram @gaspar_marquez_photography

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall



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