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“June is a self-billed full-time gypsy and this was the second I had worked with her. I don’t remember where she was coming from or where she was going to next — but it seems like she is always coming and going, a body in motion, never at rest.

The first time I worked with her, she had visible rope burns and bruises from shibari. For the second shoot, we focused on different aspect of her personality and I think these photos capture her elegance in a way I wasn’t able to before.”

Mark Choate

The first time Mark Choate worked with her, she had visible rope burns and bruises from shibari. They focused on different aspect of her personality.
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June St Paul

Model Profile

June St Paul is a model with nearly a decade of modeling experience. She started in commercial/ runway modeling through representation by a big agency in Chicago and in Hong Kong, but took a hiatus for several years prior to returning to the profession as an independent model.

In addition to modeling, June is also a creative artist who is passionate about supporting alternative lifestyles, healing the feminine, self-expression and love. She is a photographer, rope and BDSM enthusiast, positive sexuality activist and educator in pole and beginner BDSM practices.

She is based out of the continental US and currently a full-time gypsy.

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Mark Choate

Photographer Profile

“My interest in photography was rekindled a few years ago as part of an effort to give myself something to do during an extended illness, and it quickly grew into an unhealthy obsession.

By profession I am a software architect and an author. For most of my life, the work that I have done has all been done in the abstract.

It didn’t appeal to any senses. It could never be touched; it could never be held in one’s hands. I like to think of my photography as an effort to shift my focus away from abstractions and toward the solid ground of the concrete fact.

I want to be artful, but I do not want to be an artist.

I want to be a cataloguer of surfaces and a collector of reflections.

Many of my photographs end up as platinum and palladium prints. This is a 19th century photographic process known for its tonal range and the durability of the images themselves.

Platinum and palladium are noble metals — this means they do not rust or tarnish — and one consequence of this is that prints made in this fashion will last hundreds of years, never fading. I can think of no better way to preserve the facts of an image than with a durable medium such as this.”

Mark Choate

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