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“I travel around Australia working with an individual who I cross pathways within the most amazing places, these Women are naturally beautiful and I see them as a reflection of the environments I photograph them in.”

Darren Clark

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Darren Clark says "I travel around Australia working with the individual who I cross pathways within the most amazing places, these Women are naturally beautiful and I see them as a reflection of the environments I photograph them in."

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Margaret Baldassa

Model Profile

“I crossed paths with Darren in the breathtaking East Kimberley’s of Western Australia whilst working as a tour guide. I really liked what I saw in the photographs Darren was making, they were amazing images that told the stories of the local indigenous people. He was Freelancing for the W.A. State Library and the National Library of Australia.

I found Darren’s passion towards making images infectious and it was a creative joy for me to be out in this rugged environment with such a creative soul.

It was our mutual love of this spectacular country that drew us together for my first experience at modelling; The pre-dawn walk and vertical climbs up sandstone cliffs to get to the location made this an adventure that I will cherish forever, once we got there it just felt completely natural to be naked in such an ancient landscape, I really enjoyed the freshness in the morning air along with the warmth of the sun on my bare skin.

We worked together effortlessly for an hour chasing the Golden light as it slowly crept across the landscape, Darren guided my two different vantage points and asked me to express myself in a way that showed how I was feeling at the time, which I did. This whole experience has shown me a new way of interacting with my environment in a new creative way, I’m now looking forward to my next adventure somewhere Out there.”

Margaret Baldassa

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Darren Clark

Photographer Profile

“A new way of seeing an old landscape. For the past fifteen years, I’ve lived my life working as a freelance documentary photographer, I travel all over Australia working with isolated communities in the Outback telling their unique stories. My work is then collected by the State and Territory Libraries of Australia for their archives, which are being constantly updated.

This work is pure Documentary and after three to four months of this way of seeing I find myself yearning for something more. I’ve always played around with the nude but never seriously, so at the beginning of 2016 I decided to commit myself to work with the figure in the landscape. As strange as it sounds, I now feel like I’m seeing the country with a new set of eyes. I often find myself living and working in some of the most isolated yet beautiful countries Australia has to offer and I’ve found that by working with the female form in the landscape I’m able to arrange its elements so as to present it in a way that evokes an emotional response that allows the views to experience the essence of the landscape.

Landscape photography is an art so I try to think like an artist, not like a photographer. My goal is to make images that record the models expressing themselves in the environment in a free an honest way, rather than to just capture a scene. I want to bring myself to the same point as a painter or a poet would and feel the excitement, be moved and inspired, then proceed to use photography as a means of expression.”

Darren Clark

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