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VOLO Magazine and Vassilis Pitoulis present a bold new theme in Edgy Fashion Photography.

Discover ‘Le Dive’!

Vassilis Pitoulis is one of the most imaginative and original photographers of the digital age, one who we believe will leave his mark in the annals of photography akin to all time greats like Helmut Newton and Mario Testino. The trait that makes Vassilis different is his incredible appetite for the new and different, something that makes him truly VOLO in our books.

As Vassilis was shooting fashion sets all over the world , he started noticing some of the images he had taken in between ‘posed’ shots – seemed to have a particular and incredible life of their own. After some thought he decided to try to add some of these moments as deliberate parts of his shoots. The results were astonishing. The showcase of images that came out were exciting, strong and had a unique style… Demanding its own theme. A theme that the editors at VOLO Magazine are extremely excited about.

Vassilis says

“Imagination always takes us into surreal situations, but to make these situations full of elegance and seduction is an art. Transporting each of our thoughts to a wonderful destination of beauty is the aim of edgy and nude fashion shots. In this concept, we remove the eyes, the looks and the face of the model… The only thing that remains is their legs and bodies.”

Le Dive into Water by Vassilis Pitoulis

VOLO Magazine and Vassilis Pitoulis are partnering up to create a special edition book called ‘Le Dive – A Bold New Statement in Fashion Photography’. We are inviting photographers from around the world to participate in the book with images that match the concept of ‘Le Dive’. Vassilis Pitoulis will be available for consultation by email for guidance and ideas on how to produce the perfect ‘Le Dive’ Image.

The basic concept of the images being simple, the execution is what will make a difference between ‘Incredible’ and ‘Ordinary’ . VOLO magazine aims to publish this book in early 2017, spending the next 3 months in promoting this concept and accepting work for the book. Each photograph would have to be approved by the VOLO Magazine editorial team and Vassilis Pitoulis to be included in the book, which will be a hardcover 300 page + book available for distribution all over the world.

“Female bodies wishing to raise desire in men, a desire to know more, a desire to be part of the action, a desire to be in the moment… That is what I wish my femme fatal ‘Le Dive’ concept to be. A concept I am eager to share with my photographer friends around the world!”

Vassilis Pitoulis

A special portal page with the details of the project and contact information for both VOLO Editors and Vassilis Pitoulis will be available very soon on VOLOART.GALLERY , our print art portal. The portal will contain the ‘Le Dive – Showcase’ featuring the images that will eventually be included as part of the printed book. The showcase is led by Vassilis Pitoulis with his existing and ever growing collection of ‘Le Dive’ Images.

View the 'Le Dive' Showcase

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