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“Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love beauty and pleasure. was the inspiration for this shoot with Lily, The shoot took place against the backdrop of a warm summer sunrise on a “desert island beach” near Sydney, Australia.”

Christopher Meredith

Aphrodite was the inspiration of Christopher Meredith for this shoot with Lily, the shoot took place against the backdrop of a warm summer sunrise.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries


Model Profile

“I am a traveling art-nude model from Europe, and this was my first shoot with Christopher Meredith.

The beach location was at the end of a long rocky and steep path, so we met up very very early to get there in time for the midsummer sunrise. When we’d arrived, the deserted beach was so beautiful, the sand was warm, and the soft sound of the waves made it easy to work with Chris in a relaxing way.

I am an experienced model but have never worked with glitter before, and I was surprised at how it stuck to the skin and worked as a shiny new layer – adding a graining texture to the skin.

As we began to shoot, the sun rose, and it quickly became hot and humid which meant that my skin becomes glossy. It helped to make the shots seem even more rich and luxurious.

Once the shoot was over, I discovered it’s much harder to remove the glitter than might be expected. It was only sprinkled onto my skin, but even a wash in the sea failed to remove it, so in the end, I traveled back from the shoot dressed only in a bikini and my new glittery skin. (I finally washed the glitter off in a public shower later that morning. I think the other people there are still chatting about the girl with glitter all over her skin!)

I have never thought of myself as a goddess like Aphrodite before, but now I’ve seen the shots, maybe I should change my views!”


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Christopher Meredith

Photographer Profile

Christopher Meredith is a Volo accredited Sydney-based fine art photographer and digital artist with a passion for beauty and the natural environment.

His recent exhibitions include “H20” (Underwater nudes), “Natural Curves” (digital art combining nudes with natural textures) and “Once Upon A Dream” (a fantasy series about the Mermaids of Balmoral Beach).

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