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“This a a dark, moody, intimate series of photographs that bathe the model in classic light reminiscent of the paintings of the Dutch masters.

I think the set highlights the exceptional body of a beautiful woman in a classic setting with Lily projecting confidence and sensuality in each image. “

Kris Rodammer

Nude Model Gallery Preview

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Model Profile

Lily began her modeling in France while there with a scholarship from her university. She has quite an active lifestyle and, in addition to modeling, enjoys iceskating, dancing, rollerblading, and—be careful around her—martial arts.

Not a fan of cold weather, Lily is happiest near the ocean, particularly if it’s in Hawaii. Having a plan and a clear direction in life is very important to Lily, so you can be sure she has mapped out some big plans for her future.

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Kris Rodammer

Photographer Profile

“I am a photographer at heart and have been making pictures since I was in high school. Back then, I started out in the world of film and the darkroom, and worked in several studios learning my craft. I grew up in the Detroit area and initially was drawn to photographing derelict urban landscapes. I only started shooting fashion, nudes, and portraits about five years ago as a challenge from a good friend who is a fashion photographer. I have never practiced photography professionally, instead I’ve worked as a creative director in marketing and advertising. I live in Boston and love to travel, particularly in Europe—and I love meeting and working with models everywhere I go. 

I like keeping things simple—usually just the model and me with no set goal other than seeing what we can create together. I very much enjoy the collaboration with a model, styling the shots, responding to the mood, and improvising on set. I have found that this creative process requires a model to have a high level of trust in me and a willingness to be vulnerable in front of the camera. It is my goal to create an atmosphere for that to occur. With that kind of relationship and environment established, however brief it may be, beautiful images can be made.

I have done two shoots with Marinela. The images here are the product of our first shoot together. We started with a couple sets of casual fashion nudes, then quickly simplified the styling and shot several more sets of classic nudes. I was impressed by Marinela’s enthusiasm as she gave more than 100% from start to finish with an extremely gratifying result.

I appreciate this opportunity to present this work alongside so many talented individuals.”

Kris Rodammer

View an amazing showcase of the artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall/

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