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“Carly came to the VOLO house and spent some time in our pool with the typical mimosa and champagne routine. This is a relaxed video of her hanging out with the VOLO team and swimming around in the pool while the camera captures the beautiful art on her body in 120 frames per second slow motion.”

Fractal Fox
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Fractal Fox

Model Profile

“I am a multi-published alternative model from the California Bay Area, who especially enjoys taking on artistic challenges coupled with dynamic poses and a custom wardrobe.  My journey began as a cosplayer who can craft her own fantasy armor and props, and have branched outward to many other styles, including glamour, boudoir, alternative, artistic, tattoo, etc.

I have extensive experience in a multitude of shoots and concepts with many wonderful photographers.  I am passionate, versatile, dynamic, friendly, artistically-minded, and love formulating new and intriguing visual stories.  Modeling has been an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience, but I also pride myself in taking it very seriously, being fully committed and punctual to every shoot.”

Carly Anne (Fractal Fox)

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