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“Jessica has a way of moving on the set as she were traveling through the ideas that pass through your head, with is a refreshing way of working with someone.”

Patrick Creemers

Patrick Creemers says that for nude photography it is important that the light hits the skin in a certain way, besides elegance.
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Jessica Jopha

Model Profile

Jessica Jopha is a French Polynesian model originally from Guadeloupe, but now living in France. Her 5’6” tall incredible body was built to be in front of the camera. She has a natural aptitude for posing and creating art with her body and is completely uninhibited and proud of the power her nude body wields over the male species.

“I am passionate about photography. Posing in front of the camera is something very fulfilling to me on a personal level. I love my body and I love to use my shape to make the most artistic and elaborate poses possible. During a photo shoot, I am always ready to climb on something or be precariously balanced on something. I have no fear when it comes to location shoots. Most of my photos are what they call “NSFW” but I don’t care, I love it. I can pose for nude pictures as well as erotic pictures as long as they are tasteful and do not involve a sexual act. Posing nude makes me feel free.”

Jessica Jopha

Follow her on Instagram at @jessica_j_modele

Patrick Kreemers

Photographer Profile


Patrick Creemers was fascinated by art since he was a child, growing up with his mother Christian Deltour a well know aquarelle painter. His house was filled with nude and still life paintings. He grew up surrounded by a world of fantasy and art. He was fascinated by his grandfathers Voigtlander camera which he was not allowed to touch, but of course which he did when no one was looking. When his father found out of his interest, he told him to stop it and go get a degree, because selling film at the local Kodak shop is not a future. Patrick agreed, he too had no interest in trying to sell film at a store on a railway station. He became an orthopaedic shoemaker.

His passion took a back seat till a twist of fate brought him back to it. He had started teaching at the art school in Saint-Niklass (shoe design) and he was told to photograph the shoes created by the students. At that point his interest got rekindled and he bought a Nikin D70 and started to travel and take pictures of everything he found interesting. Karl Louis (featured in VOLO) who became his friend invited him to a nude workshop in Sardine and Patrick immediately graviated towards shooting nudes… The next step was a trip to LA to work with Charles Lucima in a workshop. By this time he was shooting with the fullframe D4 cameras and projects were lining up. He did an exhibition at the Zimmerhof Hotel and Fashion One interviewed him about his “Digital Soft Light” style of images. Patricks style has been widely acclaimed as a style that could previously only be done with film.

“Holding the camera gives me the power to stop and enjoy the light, the light that makes us see everything after all.”

Patrick Creemers

Follow him on Instagram at @creemerspatrick
Website:  www.patrickcreemers.com


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